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Saturday, July 3, 2010

It seemed like a good idea

I've had a chicken breast marinating in my fridge for a few days now, in a mix of Epicure Honey Mustard and Curry dip mix. Thought I should cook it up finally tonight, before it turned into a science project and marched itself right out the front door! I then thought some rice and some curried roasted veggies would be good along side.
I thought wrong. The chicken was all right, but I did end up cooking it a little too long. I grilled it, but then it wasn't cooked enough, so I put it in the oven to roast up a bit. Left it a touch too long, so it came out on the dry side. I mixed Liberte Greek yogurt with some lime juice and salt and dipped the chicken in that. The rice was a pre-made rice and green pea concoction, which was good (you boil the bag) but nothing to rave about. It did have some nice seasoning, but again, a bit on the dry side. The veggies were my biggest disappointment. I tossed cauliflower and carrots together with evoo and Epicure's Curry dip mix and roasted it in a hot oven. I did not like the flavour at all, and ended up tossing them. Boo... I did eat the naan I had on the side, and only about half the chicken. I'll make a curried chicken salad with the leftovers and have a naan wrap tomorrow with it. We'll see if that experiment works out better.
Met up with H-woman and E. for coffee this morning. The day dawned bright and sunny, but on the cooler side, so I really didn't think about sunscreen (this was before coffee!). Turns out that I got a little pink...okay, reddish pink on my chest. And in typical Carol fashion, it's not even. Somehow my shirt was twisted, so I'm sunburned lopsided.
And yet, my legs are as pale as the day they were born. You can tell I get sun on them, as you can see the sock line from the running (looks like I don't wash my ankles) and I have many freckles, but other than that, no colour whatsoever.
After coffee (we chatted for almost 3 hours), headed for home, trying to beat what looked to be a wicked rain storm. Nothin'. It was a trick cloud. Went and picked up the groceries for Mom and Dad, had a quick visit with Dad (we discussed puzzles tonight and what I did with mine...not a clue what he was talking about!) before letting him eat his supper. That's when I came home, cooked up my disappointment of a dinner and ate.
Spent the evening watching Russell Peters on the Comedy Network - he is so freaking funny. Big Saturday night for the single chick! I've got 16km to cover tomorrow, including the road leading out of Edworthy Park, so I think it'll be an early one anyway. Yes, we're running UP the hill leading out of Edworthy. Garrath does love his hilly Sunday runs!! Then it's back to tidy up the building, haul some recyclables and a visit with the folks.
I'm feeling really draggy (could have been too much sun this morning), so I think I'll take advantage of that and go to bed. Going to make my oatmeal/yogurt mix now so that it's ready to eat, as I want to walk down to clinic (and grab a coffee), rather than take the car. What's another couple of klicks on top of the run, huh? It's all good!

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