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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Great 10 Miler

Again, I wonder at what the trigger was that makes me now say "awesome run". I hated running, really I did. And now, I love it...the zen or the the rhythm of it.
Got up at 7:30, and ate breakfast of Liberte Coconut yogurt mixed with oatmeal and peachs, as well as a glass of chocolate milk. Since I slept it (sort of), I did end up driving down today, but I think this week I will start walking down for all the clinics. Save some money on parking and gas.

We were scheduled for 16km or 10 miles today, and the route had a lovely, long (1 km, to be exact) hill in it, at about the 9km mark. Headed out with a rather large group, and did my best to keep everyone to an 8/km pace. However, one girl likes to run ahead, and that seemed to pull me, and then I had the person at the back yelling "Carol, we're going to fast!". Argh! Pacing is hard!!! We tackled the hill, with only one person walking, and me stopping to go back and get her...leave no one behind!! Our resident events coordinator (works out of our shop) was at the top of the hill with the Running Room truck, and therefore water, Gatorade and Kleenex! She is a Godsend. That and she plays Chariots of Fire when you come upon the truck! Classic!! Finished the route, and only got us lost once...should have gone right when we went left...all it meant was some more trail type running, instead of the gravel path we hooked back up with. Finished the 16km in 2:15, and a pace of 8:27, which includes the hill. So, not so bad at all.
After a nice breakfast of an egg wrap (egg, bacon, green peppers and cheese in a wrap) and fresh, fresh, fresh fruit salad and a much needed coffee, I came home. Somehow, even though we ran for over 2 hours, I lost a bunch of time, as I didn't get home till after 1. How did that happen???

Had a wee lay down - I was sleepy, as were my furbabies. Then off to collect Mom and visit Dad. He was really out of it today, as we could barely get him to stay awake long enough to say hi. Decided we'd let him sleep, and I took Mom home, where I finally watered some of her plants. Poor things were seriously parched. Home, after a swing into McDonald's (fillet o' fish and fries...yum) and am now waiting for my running gear to come out of the dryer. Decided I should wash it before it crawled downstairs on it's own.

Have a bit of a headache, so I think I'll take it easy the rest of the night. After all, it's back to the grind tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a great Canada Day/Independence Day weekend.

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