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Monday, July 26, 2010


Whew...not sure where I got so tired from, but it's all I can do to keep my eyes open.

Day in review:
Work - can't believe it's already the end of July. One final report due for June payroll analysis, and then it gets to start over from scratch for July. The good times never stop!

Food - all right. I didn't have my act together today, so no packed meal, but I did have an egg & sausage burrito with salsa for breakfast, and a really good chicken fajita for lunch. It was a theme today, apparently. Dinner, which I ate later on was KD, but I like it, so it's fine.

Boot Camp - Trainer Josh is back!!! And we worked HARD today. Think I sweat out about 6 pounds before the class was over.

Parents - all is well with them. Am playing phone tag with the Dr., but the nurse and I are both for Dad staying put. Let's see how much pull we have.

Home - angered homeless couple last night. I know I'm picky, but still, I should be able to tell people that I don't know, who don't live here, that they shouldn't really have sex on someones car in the parking lot. I believe my exact words were "please take your party elsewhere". She screamed and ranted on for about 20 minutes (could hear her from my 3rd floor apartment!) about how SHE was going to call the cops, and on and on. I was more worried about the fact that they saw me get out of my car, and how my poor, unprotected baby was doing! Checked her out once last night (phew, fine...) and again this morning. Either they forgot which building they were at, or...nope, think that's it! She didn't strike me as the type of person to forgive and move on. I did plant some flowers yesterday, finally. The sales are great, but the choices are slim for annuals at the end of July! But the place looks a little brighter, it rained on them tonight, and that makes me smile in the end.

With that, I'm heading for bed.

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