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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada Day eats

Grilled my dogs in my Epicure Grill Pan, as well as toasted the bun. I am a purist when it comes to dogs...just mustard and a little shredded cheese. On the side was coleslaw (Miracle Whip with some Epicure Sweet & Spicy Mustard). 3-bean salad (thanks, Safeway deli!) and Epicure Bread & Butter pickles, handmade by moi.

Was supposed to be strawberry shortcake, but I forgot the shortcake and wasn't going back just for that. So I sliced the strawberries, mixed in some raspberries and tossed them all with some Epicure (sensing a theme here??) White Balsamic vinegar and vanilla sugar (simply take whole vanilla beans, that you could order from, say Epicure?? and insert them into some sugar no time, tasty sugar!) and topped with hand-whipped cream.
Now I have a full belly, but must get in the car and get moving to Mom's.

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