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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Totally rocked the tempo run tonight. We were a little intimidated when it was announced that we would be running 5k at tempo pace, after a 3k warm-up, but I told the ladies if anyone could do it, we could!! After some argument with Mr. Garmin, we got going, and did our the first 2k at a nice 7:53 pace. We then picked it up a bit for #3, averaging a steady 7:40. Then the tempo portion of the evening began. After last night's killer 7:07 dead-on pace, I was hopeful for a repeat run tonight. Looked like this:
#4 - 7:18
#5 - 7:02
#6 - 7:17
#7 - 7:17
#8 - 7:18
That's not so bad. Only 10 seconds off our pace, and for the 2nd night in a row of tempo pace, that's okay. We basically walked in our last 2 km, finishing the night in 1:20:57.

Then I went for beer. I heart Guinness. I heart the way it looks, the way it smells and most especially the way it tastes!! One lady beside me was having fish & chips (I was totally drooling, by the way) and I just stayed true to my plan, sticking with the Irish Meal Replacement drink instead! Put a couple pints away, and now I am home, cozy and mellow. This is mainly why I want to run Dublin one day...just to spend my recovery time at the Guinness factory!! Iron is good for you after a run!!

Don't really have anything else for tonight. Food was merely sustenance today...I did have a fruit salad and veggie sandwich from the shop we usually get breakfast at after our long Sunday runs, which was very nice, and sat on a bench on the island watching life go by. A very pleasant way to spend a lunch hour, really. Dinner was a bit of a hodge-podge, with some cottage cheese, a sliced tomato and little cucumber sandwiches (cucumber, miracle whip and light cream cheese on rye...very dainty!). It was enough to fuel me for the run, and keep me satisfied all night. Gotta love the protein power of cottage cheese!

Pie baking contest tomorrow (I bowed out, as there just isn't enough time or me in a day!), so lunch will be interesting to say the least. Oh, but of course, this is over lunch hour at work, and as a floor champion, my presence is required, not requested. So I will go to weigh-in on my walk in tomorrow, and skip the meeting. Not that the meeting is on my way to work, but I gotta do what I gotta do. I will do my best not to sample too much pie!


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