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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I got nuthin...

Really can't think of anything witty today. Had a great sleep, but still hit snooze way to many times. Made it to work and spent half the day taking pictures of everyone dressed western (to win tickets to the Grandstand show on Friday) and the other half puttering about. Lunch was a tasty chicken and strawberry spinach salad, although it had a tad too much feta, which over-powered the strawberries. Came home, puttered some more, fed the cats (had to swing into Safeway to pick up a couple of cans of food...I'm a horrible mommy!) and then had a WW frozen pasta dinner to tide me over for running tonight.
Last of the 10k tempo runs, as hills start next week. Our goal tonight was 3k warm-up (check), 5k tempo (not too bad) and 2k cool-down (done). It was definitely warmer tonight, almost a touch too hot and very humid still. I just keep telling myself this will help when I run in Toronto in October...anyway, we warmed up nicely, increasing our speed each klick, and then maintained a steady 7:07 pace for the 5 in the middle. Cool-down was partly walking and then a slow jog, although we did speed up a bit at the end...I must learn to rein some of these ladies in!
Met up with a few for beers, although given the fact that it's Stampede, there were far less than our usual numbers. Only one pint for me tonight. Although I am an idiot and hurt my Baby Girl leaving the parkade. Damn poles!! Don't know what I was thinking (obviously not about driving!), but I bruised her pretty bad...took out a turn light and scraped her along the side. Good thing she's 20 years old and a little rough around the edges anyway! Grrr...I'll try and clean up the "wound" and see about getting a replacement light cover. Was planning on donating her to a high school anyway, when the time finally comes, so I guess the more bodywork they have to do, the better.
Okay...I'm going to hit the sack, as it's another long day ahead tomorrow, with a nice steady run after work and then blood donation after that. Not sure if I'll make it down to see Dad - depends on how long the donating takes. Although I'm thinking the clinics aren't too busy these days.

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