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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Heat stroke or heat wave?

For a day that was supposed to be cool and wet, our run this morning was hot, hot, hot. Based on the weather predictions and the temp this morning (13C or about 56F) I decided to run in capris and a sleeveless T. Should have gone with the shorts. Our run today was for 19km, out to the Children's Hospital and back. It was sunny the whole way, and felt far warmer than the 13 listed. There was a breeze, and I had water, but by the last km (luckily, we were just coming back in) I was officially done. One of my cohorts mentioned that I went beet red instantly, even my arms, so either it was heat stroke or a hot flash! After stretching (in the shade) I knew I needed water and lots of it, so I went into the Running Room to start hydrating. Then I felt a little light-headed and woozy, so food was the next thing on the agenda. I got a chocolate milk (best recovery drink, ever!) and a very large, very fresh fruit salad. I sat with the group (inside) and slowly drank my milk and ate the salad, and quietly recovered from whatever it was that I was suffering from.

We were much slower today than last Sunday but still had a good run. Turns out most of the 5-hour group is suffering from some sort of injury, and all slowed down to run with our slowest of the group (who's running a "to finish" pace). Kind of silly to be a 5-hour pacer with no 5-hour pacees, so I have to talk with Garrath next week to get some guidance on what to do next. I do want to help everyone, but I also have my own goal, and it is not just to finish. I did that in Vancouver, improved in Calgary and have a number for Toronto that I want to reach. No, scratch that...I WILL reach. But what to do about my little group...time will tell.

After feeling much better, I did go back outside to soak my feet in the cool wading pool. That felt great! Got home and took advantage of the empty laundry room, to wash up my running gear. It was getting pretty rank! However, I wasn't completely over my heat mishap, as I ended up fast asleep, not once, but twice on the couch, waiting for the laundry to finish.

That had me running a little late to pick up Mom and visit Dad. He seemed a little off today, coughing and wheezing quite a bit, but overall in good spirits. After our visit, I dropped Mom off, clipped her cats claws, swung into KFC for some chicken and sides, which I found to be actually good tonight. KFC can be hit or miss, I find, but tonight it just sounded like what I wanted. Ate, met up with H-woman while on her break, and then back home to settle in for the night. I still have remnants of the "heat" headache, so it's time to Advil up and get ready for bed.

Just a typical week ahead, with a 10-mile run booked for next Saturday (which is nice, because then I get to skip the 23km LSD on Sunday). It will be a really hilly run, as it's through good old Blood & Guts, but that will only make me faster in the end. Couldn't convince anyone else from the group to sign up for it, so I'll run it alone. Quite a few runners I know will be enjoying Folk Fest, so the Sunday run could be low attendance anyway.

Last night of Stampede, so the fireworks may go on a little longer than normal tonight (I think they just use them all up!), but hopefully I'll already be asleep by the time they hit.


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