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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Where to start

Oh, the difference a day makes. After much back and forth about my dad, the decision was made and it was final. He gets moved, tomorrow morning, into the long term care facility of the hospice he's in. Which is good, as that's the building we wanted. But it's also bad, as we go from quiet, dignified individual hospital room to utter chaos, screaming, dishes clanging and a shared room that's smaller than the room he's in now. It's only temporary...that will become our mantra. We will immediately request a private room, and one in the newer wing, not the old, rundown, sad wing. I was in tears when I left there yesterday and I'm sure I'll be in tears tomorrow when I have to "whip down" (they're very big on me "whipping down" to have a look, fill out paperwork, meeting with meaningless individuals - have I mentioned to these people that I have a full time job that I would love to keep?!) and fill out the admission papers. The lady tonight says "it's such good news that your dad recovered, huh?", that depends on what you call "recovered" and who you ask. "Oh, soooooo...this wasn't your decision??"...Um, no. "Oh, that's explains a lot..." I'm trying not to take my frustration out on these people, as they weren't involved, and the one nurse has been lovely and is as upset as we are. The rest of the yahoos there though...don't even freaking speak to me! Mom is upset, I spent almost 2 hours just sobbing at 3 this morning (reset the alarm and went into work late), and Dad doesn't seem too pleased (although he's very quiet and doesn't spew as easily as his daughter does!). But he's stable and that's all that seems to matter to these people. I am looking into other options, which I'll discuss with the parents tomorrow. Hoping to figure out something that makes everyone happy...soon.

So, not only do we have to fill out the admission papers, pay for July and August, leave a void cheque for future months (oh, hospice is free, this costs $47 a day), we also have to bring our own TV. And phone...and hook up the phone. And hook up the TV. Oh, and a paper, if he wants that, pay for laundry labels, pay for the photo ID FOR THEIR FILES! I get so mad...luckily my parents are in a good financial position, but what happens to the poor old folks that don't have a nest egg? Will be picking up a TV for Dad on the way over tomorrow (good thing London Drugs is close) but I have to get Mom to give Shaw permission for me to call and set up the phone, etc. Despite working for the company, I can't just update their files without it. Sucks...

At least I did okay food wise...again, coulda/shoulda been a food-a-palooza all week. I stuck with salads and soup, even managing to bring a lunch to work yesterday. And I've kept up the running, although my running buddies would like me to slow down a bit!! I run much faster when I'm mad!!! Oops...

After some seriously hot hill training tonight (+27C), I chilled with a pint (Guinness - pint for pint less calories than 1% milk or OJ, by the way) and tried the mussels at the pub. I love, love, love mussels, and these were really good in a Frank's Red Hot lime sauce. Just spicy enough, with a slice of bread for dipping. Nom, nom, nom. Next time I'll order a salad or something to make it more of a meal, but still quite satisfied. Enjoyed the lovely evening, and great laughs (which I so need) until the mosquitos moved in. I am seriously down a pint right now!

Home now, and getting everything organized for tomorrow. I will drive in the morning, walk to weigh-in first thing (will miss my lunchtime meeting), drive to the admissions, drive home, and walk back to work. Then I'll run after work, which I am already anticipating to be a very, very fast 8k!!!

That's it for me. Hope your hump day was grand. I do hope to get back to the blog being about running and food, and less about bitching about the current state of health care for the chronically ill...I'm sure you all hope for that too!


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