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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Slow and steady Steady

Day started bright and early, as usual, but I wasn't moving very quickly. My breakfast was a glass of milk, as I just can't bring myself to eat before weigh-in, even if that isn't till noon. Trust me, I have enough in storage to keep me going for that long!

Walked to weigh-in (about 8 blocks away) and marveled at all the people downtown. Just wish most of them would learn how to walk in public (slow to the right, single file if the sidewalk is skinny, and really...must you smoke while you walk?!) - made it to the meeting without totally losing it. I DID however manage to lose or remove 1.2 pounds this week, despite deep-fried Oreos on Tuesday. Yay me.

Back to the office (didn't stay for meeting, as leader Faye was no where to be seen), stopping at Opa on the way for a wee Greek feast. It's been awhile since I had Opa, and now I think I know why. Holy salt-fest, man!! I'm still sucking back water!!! I mean, how do you make Felafel's too salty?!?!

Work hosted the pie bake-off and eating contest this afternoon. Our winner from last week came in 2nd overall, and won an iPod Touch for his troubles, while the pie eater from our floor (yes, full contest - no hands and eat the entire pie, crust and all, to win) ended up winning that contest, face down. It was hilarious to watch, and he also walked away with a Touch. Very fun.

Met up with C. from running clinic, to head out for our Thursday 8km steady run. The temperature was about 26C (80F) and sunny, so it was going to be a warm one. And we were right! We didn't get above the average pace of 8:38, which is fine for a 5:30 finish, but I'm training for a 5 hour finish. I should have been running at a 7:52 pace. But that's okay...I'll make up for these runs with killer tempo and hills training. I will run a sub-5 in Toronto in October.

After the run, I raced home, changed, ate a little and rushed out (yet again) to donate blood. The place was sadly dead tonight (donors too busy with Stampede, I suppose), and I was in and out in about 45 minutes. The funny part is the actual bleeding portion of the visit takes all of 4 minutes for me. After that, I jumped in my car and went and got Mom. Had a good visit with Dad, and his nurse (who DOESN'T want him to move from the hospice - oy!) before dropping Mom off and meeting up with H-woman for a quick, late dinner. Note to restaurant owners...simply seating someone at a table and then totally ignoring them does not make for happy clients. We will get up and leave...oh, and look at that...we did! Ended up with an okay Vietnamese meal, which hit the spot just fine. Not our fave place, but it'll do in a pinch (our place was already closed for the night...sad).

Now I am at home, and trying to wind down to go to bed. So why am I still typing at 11:45pm??? Because I am a knob sometimes!!

Hope everyone has a great Friday.


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