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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday ramblings

I wasn't out late last night, just didn't have it in me to write. It was a typical Friday, after, boot camp (holy killer one, though!), visit with the folks, home. Sat up way too late, as usual, so didn't really get a full nights sleep.

I'm actually surprised that I can move my arms today, or my legs for that matter, as boot camp really was a killer one. We started with a very muddy Douglas Fir run, which added to the leg work, as you had to maintain your balance on some slippery parts. And very humid, which my asthmatic lungs do not like at all. There is a reason I live in Calgary! But I made it to the top, where we did some drills (up and down a set of stairs, bookin' it the whole time) before running down half way, before turning around and firing back up again. My goal is to one day RUN the whole trail, stairs and all, without having to stop and walk. One day!! Back at our mats we did a 105 squat drill - 15 squats/sprint/15 squats/sprint, till we hit 105. Ow! We then did some push-ups and lunges, lots of bicep and shoulders work, more lunges, then we laid off the legs and concentrated on the upper body, before finishing with good old plank, rooftops and banana (all awesome core work). I am feeling it in my upper back right now, and figure by tomorrow I should be good and stiff all over. Just in time for a 19km LSD.

Woke up to just the sunniest day - thought it was supposed to be wet and cloudy, but it's gorgeous out there. Met up with H-woman and C. for coffee, which was nice since we haven't really seen each other for probably 4 months now! Granted, H. and I see each other more often, but we keep missing C. Chatted and sunned ourselves on the rooftop patio of the local Starbucks (no pics - left my camera at work), where I had my usual 5 shot latte and the ham & egg on chabaitta. Just left there not too long ago (takes a long time to catch up 4 months worth of life!), before walking home and phoning my salon, begging my stylist to fit me in. T-89 minutes and counting!!! After that, I should cut the grass and do some weeding in the yard. I have yet to put flowers in (just lazy and a little broke this year), so I may head off to a garden place tomorrow and see if there's anything I can plant that will spruce the place up a bit (and should be dirt (ha!) cheap, since it's way past the season). I do have lilies that bloom every year, as well as this lovely purple thing I planted and have no idea what it is, but other than that, it's looking a little bare. I like the colour of flowers, so I'll see what I can find to put in to make me happy.

That's it for me...some house puttering to do, as my place is beginning to look like an episode of Hoarders (and that scares me just a little!) and then off to get some pampering at the salon.


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