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Thursday, July 8, 2010


Whew, it was a warm run tonight. Met up with C. from running clinic, and let her set the pace. A) because I remembered everything BUT my Garmin, and B) she's a bit of a turtle, and I didn't want to push her too hard. She is in my running pace group, but at the 5:45-finish side, not the 5 hour the rest of us are training at. During the clinics, I push the group as a whole, but when it's one on one, I slow myself down. And it was HOT out there tonight...we started just before 4pm, and ran the loop by the river. Not much shade or breeze tonight, but we kept our pace slow, around 8:10-8:30, and sucked back the water.

Once we finished the run (8km), we parted ways, and I grabbed my gear from upstairs and walked home. Dinner consisted of 2 pieces of naan and artichoke pesto dip (light sour cream, light mayo, artichokes and Epicure Pesto Artichoke dip mix). After that, I picked up Mom and we had a nice visit with Dad. He seemed much perkier than earlier this week, and we had a lively debate about city politics, the weather, etc.

We had a Pie Bake-off at work today, and as floor champion, I was responsible for set-up, handing out ballots, organizing the bakers, and clean up. Why then was I compelled to wear my LBD and heels?!? My feet are killing me!! But good (good combo), a strawberry ginger (can't wait for the good!), a BluRhuPle (blueberry, rhubarb, apple..OMG good and the winner!), a cheeseburger pie (interesting, and tasty), a brownie pie (basically brownie in a pie crust...meh), a jello pie (seriously...) and finally a carmel peach pecan. I made sure I ate lunch (chicken quesadilla, rice) before, so I only sampled little bites of each. Next week will be the big bake-off for building winner, so I don't have to do as much, but will still help out with handing out treats to everyone and with the pie eating contest (so much fun!). I'll just remember not to wear heels that day!

It is Stampede again, and although I am a 3rd generation Calgarian, and my grandmother is a reigning rodeo queen, I do not go all out in the western wear category. I think everyone goes way too overboard, and really, it's all about subtly. I've got a couple of shirts, and should pick up a new pair of jeans, but other than that, it's more about comfort for me. I just do not, and never have, found jeans comfortable. Especially in July heat!!! Blech! And don't even get me going on jean skirts...nasty!! I am working as usual tomorrow, despite the parade. Many companies downtown close down till noon, or even for the day (let the drinking begin) but our company does not partake. It is work as usual...if you want to watch the parade, take a vacation day.
Got the fan going in the bedroom (pity those bloggers down east, because at least it's not humid out here) so I can get some sleep, but just heard the first blast of the Stampede fireworks going (10:42pm)...that usually means the second ones will hit about 11:15 or so. Can't see them from here, but boy, can I hear them every year. After all, the grounds are just 8-10 blocks away from my house. I am looking forward to the rodeo next week (love, love, love the rodeo!!) and especially hoping to see Cord (the cowboys from Oklahoma) from the Amazing Race ride.

Here's hoping everyone gets some sleep tonight, regardless of where they are.


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Cathy said...

Hi! The hot,hazy, humid weather has finally broken! We have rain today. It's still warm, however, it's a nice, comfortable warm. We actually turned on the AC for the first time this last week. They say it won't last, though. Back to hot, hazy, humid next week. Enjoy Stampede!

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