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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pace race, part deux

Sorry for no post yesterday, but I was out with H-woman, hoisting a pint and discussing boys. We were not overly kind, but I'll let her 'splain more, if she so wishes. Next thing I knew it was 11:05pm, and I still had to walk home from the pub and get to bed. No computer last night, as it was still after midnight before I got to bed. The alarm at 5:30 was just plain nasty!

It was a typical Monday, nothing too exciting, other than a very soggy Boot Camp. The rain started as a light drizzle, which sadly turned into a torrential downpour in no time. We moved to the shelter, but since there were 16 of us, Trainer Josh had to resort to tabatas to keep up moving. It meant way more squat and shoulder work...wait, didn't we do this on Friday?!?! But the hour was finally up, and I got my sweat on just fine. Visit with Mom & Dad, and just as I was heating up some leftover KFC, H. called. Had fish & chips and 2 pints instead. The KFC became lunch today, supplemented by a green salad, so I didn't feel totally unhealthy!

Our clinic tonight was about hills training, which starts tomorrow. Shockingly enough, I actually enjoy hills training, because you feel it everywhere (GREAT for the butt!). It also helps improve your overall pace, posture and running enjoyment. And I've got a very hilly 10 mile race coming up on Saturday, so it's just all good. After the talk, we went out for a 5km trial run (again). The route was slightly different this time, which the obsessive in me doesn't like. How am I supposed to compare if the route is different? Oh well, I was only 1 minute off my pace from 4 weeks ago (flat out and back, compared to loop with a set of traffic lights and some hills), so still feeling very good about my overall training. Discussed the 5-hour pace group dilemma with Garrath, and by the sounds of it, I'll be "sweeping" the 4:40 group (with anyone from the 5 that wants to keep up), leaving the rest to slow down to the "to finish" pace. That is where I started last clinic, and look what it did for me!

Home, after a coffee with some of the group, and now am trying to mellow down to hit the sack. I should be exhausted, but I did sneak in a mini-nap before clinic tonight, which helped. But it is still time for me to get to bed, as sleep is something that I don't get enough of, and that affects my weight and running. Something I am trying to get better about. On that note...'night kids.


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