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Friday, July 2, 2010

Odd day

It was hard to wake up with the alarm this morning, after sleeping in yesterday and again tomorrow. I am pretty certain I was the only person walking into work at 7am, although I was relieved to see my Starbucks open as usual. Thank goodness! I needed my 5 shots this morning.
Today started out cooler than it's been for awhile, and that was a little hard to adjust to. In fact, it was a rather dull, overcast day out there. Thought it was going to rain all day, and was a little worried about boot camp this afternoon. And the clouds didn't help my mood. Today is the first anniversary of D.'s passing. He was my first (and only, thus far) love, and his passing was totally shocking, as he was my age. I didn't find out until well after the funeral, and have felt at odds with that ever since. Granted, we hadn't spoken for years, but still... So today, walking the lonely streets, under grey skies, listening to k.d. Lang sing Hallelujah - I'm lucky I made it into work with mascara still on! By the way, if you haven't heard k.d Lang's version of this incredible song, be sure to check it out. It is haunting and breathtaking, to say the least. She sang it at the Opening Ceremonies in Vancouver, and I've been a fan every since.
Work was very quiet! Pretty sure of the 12 people working in downtown Calgary today, 8 were at my office!! Okay, so maybe a few more than that, but it was still pretty durn quiet 'round there. But I did get a lot done, even though today was a "non-day" in the accounting world I exist. It'll just make Monday that much easier to deal with. I did take a few minutes to register for Winterstart in Banff in November. It's a 5-miler that we (H-woman and I) tried to do last year, but I had my bad ankle and she had the flu...neither of us made it to the start line! This year, I want to rock it!!
The bosses (those working, that is) come around about 1:30 to say "you can leave at 2:30"...that's awesome, for those who work till 5. What about those of us that were there at 7am?! Oooo...a whole hour early. Wow! Oh well, I meandered out about 3, came home, changed and got to boot camp way earlier than normal, also in part to no traffic on the roads.
I was totally surprised by how many people showed up for class though - there had to be 16-20 of us. We tackled the BA hill, ran the ridge back to the goat trail/stairs, ran down and did some lunges & uphill sprints to keep the cardio up. We did move closer to shelter as the clouds were threatening, but then that just gave Trainer Josh more stuff for us to play with. He worked us HARD tonight...maybe he knew we all indulged in hot dogs or something yesterday, but there were more than a few of us ready to hurl by the end! Sadly for him, only 1 person showed up for the 6pm class, although 1 brave soul from ours stayed for the double workout. I don't know where she got the strength was all I could to walk to my car!!!
Collected Mom, visited Dad (who was rather dopey tonight...he's been having a few rough nights, it appears) and left with a list of groceries to pick up for them tomorrow. I wish my grocery list looked like cream, cookies, chocolates, whipping cream...nary a fruit or vegetable to be seen! But hell, I make it to 77, I'm eating whatever I want to as well!
Sitting here trying to decide if I'm cold or just tired, although the temperature has dropped a little more, and it did rain a bit. Hope it clears for tomorrow. I would like to enjoy my day outside.
Hope this finds everyone enjoying their weekend.

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