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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Good run and full belly

In that order...

Woke up to a slightly cooler, cloudy morning. No rain, which I hoped if forecast would hold off till after our run. The schedule had us doing 16km again today, and the same route as last week. Cross the river, west to Edworthy, cross back, through the park, up the road (1km hill) to Wildwood, east to the pathway link, down through Douglas Fir and east to Eau Claire, on the south side of the river. I decided to mix it up a bit for our group, as we ran the route backwards from last week. The hill, while still long and steep, isn't as bad as the roadway, and much nicer on knees and ankles, as it's packed gravel. Our group was a little spread out today, with two bringing up the rear, two sticking to the middle, and one sticking up with me in front. Our overall pace was faster at 8:17 this week (last week was 8:27), and everyone said they felt better today. We got back, did some serious stretching (my hip felt great this morning, and held up fine all day...I'll "stick" it again before I go to bed) and then wandered off to see the local Turkish Festival taking place. All I wanted was a coffee, so I got a Turkish coffee, complete with free cup (it's so cute). However, I forgot that Turkish coffee is sweet, while I do not put anything in my coffee, other than milk in a latte. It was good and strong, but way too sugary for my taste. I did, however, absolutely savour the two pieces of baklava I purchased along with the coffee. Yum, yum! We then wandered back to the wading pools (I had already changed runners for flip-flops) and soaked the tootsies for a while. The pools are nice and cool, and because of the clouds, relatively kid free till after noon.

After my soak, I came home and dove in the shower to really clean up, before heading off to get Mom. We did a "grocery" run - I use the term loosely, as I seriously don't remember ice cream, cookies, jelly beans, chocolates and the likes on the grocery lists growing up!!! Stopped in and had a visit with Dad (3 more names on the Angel's table this morning...that would be at least a dozen since Dad went in on June 1st) who even got out of bed and came and sat with us, for a good face to face visit. One of the volunteers was around and brought us coffee and some seriously day-old cookies. But they were good, and the coffee really hit the spot. Took Mom home, unpacked her groceries, then popped into the store to pick up what I needed. Milk, cilantro, sour cream...not quite as tempting as her list!

I decided I wanted to make a Mexican version of my Jamaican friend's Rice & Peas. Instead of the bacon, hot sauce, thyme and black-eyed peas, I used cumin, tomatoes, red & green peppers, oregano and black beans. Topped it with some melty cheese, sour cream and salsa. I am FULL! And I made enough so that I have lunch for tomorrow.

I'm really overbooked tomorrow night, with boot camp after work, Mom and Dad visit and then a late drink with the ladies. Normally that would be dinner, but since parents take priority right now, I'll meet up with everyone later for a glass of wine. Save me some dollars too!

My butt is dragging here, and darn it if it isn't hot again (super nice rain storm blew through earlier, but it is long gone now)...I'm going to clean up from dinner, floss, wash the face and go to bed. Don't care if it's 9pm on a Sunday.

Hope the weekend was fun for all.


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Cathy said...

I like your mexican version of "rice and peas". As Hubby really, really likes Mexican food I will have to try it!

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