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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

1st of the month

Today was Day 1 of month end...what that means is many a harried accountant, running around, copying things, making spreadsheets, adding machines ablaze. For me, it means doing my best to NOT do my coworkers job, so that she can figure out how to get everything that needs to be done finished on time and right the first time. You have no idea how difficult it is for me!! Tad bit of a control freak when it comes to month end...shocking, I know.
I am also an awesome boss...I'll say it - I rock. Her eldest had her convocation today, of all days, and after reviewing her work and deciding she was in a good position to finish on time, she could go to the event, as long as she came back and got the work done. We shall see in the morning. I even picked up flowers for her daughter, while her mom worked through lunch. Yup, I'm pretty awesome!
Got a call from Mom early in the day...rambling about Dad moving. Nothing from the hospital, so now I'm trying to contact people and figure out what's going on. Finally, after leaving several messages and then hunting down someone to talk to, I found out that a bed opened up at our preferred hospice (sad, I know) and that Dad was being moved at 4. Called Mom back, only to find out my brother was scheduled to pick her up at 6. Called Dad, who complained that we weren't going to be there early enough to help him unpack...OMG...called my brother, cancelled him for 6 (he can't come earlier) and called Mom to say I would be there between 4:30-5. "Okay, see you at 6", Mom, 4:430-5. "Oh, okay, so normal time of 6, right?"...O.M.G!!!! Mom...write this down - Got it?! Okay, got it. She was, of course, surprised to see me so early, since she had down that I was coming at 6. Oh, and this also doesn't even begin to explain the 5 voice mails I had at home from Mom, over a 2 hour period. Most repeating what she had already said before. I honestly don't know whether to laugh or cry now. One parental crisis at a time, please. I just don't have the strength...
We did head to the hospice, which I hope to get Mom comfortable enough to drive on her own, but after today's phone conversation fiasco, I don't think it's happening. Found Dad's room, unpacked him, decided what we could bring for his little fridge that he has, and other little things. Watched him and his nurse go head-to-head (yes, they just met today!), but I have confidence that she'll keep Dad in line! Have I mentioned that I am growing weary of being a grown-up and I just want to go back to bed with my bankie now?!
Missed Boot Camp due to the unpack-a-thon, and will miss tomorrows so H-woman and I can go pick up our Underwear Affair race kits. Did we mention we're running a 10km on Saturday? I have to dig out and dust off the Madam Chemo outfit again...good news is the weather looks promising for Saturday, so I won't have to worry about running in vinyl through the snow!!

Dinner was a hodge-podge, as I chose to once again acknowledge my emotions and stuff them back down my throat followed closely by chicken wings! That'll fix everything. But, since I'm missing Boot Camp, and my legs feel good, I'm going to go for a short, slow run at lunch tomorrow, just to burn some energy. And the aforementioned wings!
I'm shutting down and going to bed...someone wake me when life gets easier, please.

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Cathy said...

I'm surprised you didn't break down and cry. I agree with wanting a blankie back and just hiding out. Life just sucks sometimes. I admire you and your personal strength. I'm sorry at times like this that I'm not there to share them with you. Luv ya.

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