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Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday, Monday

The sun is shining and it is darn HOT in my little 3rd floor walk-up! Wishing for a good cross breeze...I do need to invest in a new fan. Would love one like my Dad has in the hospice, as it is whisper quiet.
I actually went to bed at 9:15 last night...and proceeded to toss and turn for about 2 hours. People in the street, people in my building, planes, trains and all conspired to keep me awake. But I still woke up this morning feeling better rested than I have in a while. Maybe it was the run yesterday.
Packed up breakfast and lunch (Kashi, UVAB, apple & leftover Chinese on brown rice) and headed in to work, sans jacket! I am a rebel, but man it felt so nice to walk to work in just capris and a blouse.
Plugged away at the usual reports at work, and went for a walk at lunch with my friend M., who just completed his first Olympic Tri on Saturday. Finished in 2:51, which was only 50 minutes slower than the winner...for his first, I think that's wicked awesome! He's also lined up to do a Half Ironman in August, and I expect great results for that. Thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful weather at lunch, as did practically every other Calgarian! I did run into "Hot Boy S.", who is not a boy, but is a massively handsome, hot, cut, lean, mean machine of mature male hunkness (albeit married hunkness), who is in his mid 50's and puts men half his age to shame. Funny thing is I was just commenting that I hadn't seen him in ages (we used to run and do the stairs together) and suddenly there he was. And even funnier, he said he was just thinking that he hadn't seen ME for ages! Ah, fate...why must you shove a married guy at me like that?! Especially a nice, sweaty, shirtless one! Mmmmm...I did get an awesome hug though. It's the little things really that keep me going day by day.
Went to Boot Camp in the SUNSHINE this afternoon! OMG, what ever will we do?! Actually, Trainer Josh was a little worried that some of us were overheating, not being used to sweating in the sun like that. We did great though...after climbing the BA hill, we ran the ridge and down the road, like normal. At one point downhill, I was running at 4:59!!! Ya, baby! We did squats and lunges galore (we had newbies, and he likes to do heavy legs to break 'em in), shoulder work and core. Finished on our mats in the shade, but I'm certain I sweat off a good 10 lbs! And note to self - ditch the black workout gear till fall!
Off to get Mom, over to visit Dad, drop Mom off. Typical Monday night. That was after phone calls from Dad as he "couldn't get a hold of Mom all afternoon". That would be because she was out getting what you asked for at the grocery store, turkey!! I think he wants me to microchip her one day, so he can always find out where she is! Sitting around all day alone is just bad for that man.
Came home and threw together a quick, cool dinner. I couldn't face Chinese yet again, so I grabbed a bag of salad (Pacifico, with carrots, sugar snap pea (it said peas, but it was pea), spring greens, baked soy nuts and poppy seed dressing), added some blueberries and a fillet of salmon. I then pan-fried the salmon in evoo and maple butter, browning till just cooked through. I hate over-cooked fish. It was just what the stomach ordered. And some mini ice cream sandwiches. Not really worth the 2 points each, but they were a nice cool treat on a hot night like tonight.

All right...time to start winding down and getting ready for bed.
Hope everyone is enjoying the weather, wherever you are and hope it is not raining in south Alberta/Saskatchewan/Manitoba. They've had more than enough already!

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