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Friday, June 11, 2010


Ripped off 30 full chin-ups today at Boot Camp!! And that was after a push-up/bicep curl drill! Granted, I'm already seizing horribly and will not be able to lift my coffee to my lips tomorrow, but WOOT-WHOO!! I freaking ROCK!
Back to the day...
Left many messages with Hospice ("oh, it's blah-blah's day today...can she call you back next week??" Um, I'm taking VACATION to meet with you people because blah-blah is insisting on it! She can damn well call me back TODAY!). No call. Boo blah-blah...this will seriously affect how I am going to speak with you next week. No respect for me or my time means absolutely no respect for you, period.
Left messages with call back. Again, trying to book appointment for when I have booked time off. Grrr...
Left messages with palliative team at hospital (to see what crack pipe the hospice people are smoking from!)...finally got a call back, but of course, it's the Dr's day off. Seriously, am I the only person who works on Fridays now-a-days?! However, the woman who called me back was seriously concerned with how the hospice was reacting, and is going to get the Dr to call me first thing Monday. And she'll most likely deal with the hospice as well. Hope she brings a big stick!! I feel the need for a smack-down in my future!
Left work at 3:30, came home and changed and headed off to boot camp, in the sunshine!!! What a treat! We ran the bike path to warm up, as everything else is covered in mud and puddles, so a klick out and a klick back. It's so interesting...everyone takes off, and of course, I'm bringing up the rear of the group. Yet, when I look at Mr. Garmin, I'm clipping along at 6:30/km! How am I still LAST?! back to the mats, where we grabbed our stuff and ran over to the other side of the park to do "chin-up Fridays". Breaking into groups, we started with 10 decline push-ups (facing down a hill), swap with partner and do 10 bicep curls (my partner was hating me, as I carried over my 10 lb weights...I don't think she weighed 10 lbs!!), and continued to swap out while the other group did their chin-ups (5 minutes total). After that, it was our turn at the bar. Pulling ourselves up, we then place our feet on our partner's quads to stabilize (we switched partners - Trainer Josh didn't want me squishing the little one like a bug!) and pull up till we can't anymore. We each did 3 sets of 10! Boo-yeah!! There were these teens, shirtless (because it was sunny, and it's "cool") who needed to come over and see what a set of pipes should look like! LOL!!
After that, we returned to our mats, and then moved off to the set of picnic tables where we did three rounds of dips, narrow grip incline push-ups and overhead extensions. After that, we did bent-over rows, kick-backs, sprint, lunges, leg drives, sprint, add shoulder presses, repeat, add bicep curls, repeat. I was feeling the burn, I tells ya! Finished on the mats with plank, side-plank, full sit-ups, and negatives. I was drenched by the time we were done. And seriously, am totally seizing up while I type...I will need to do some more stretches before I go to bed tonight.
Off to get Mom, and off to visit Dad, but had to take a different route as the cops had the main road by Mom's closed off. She thought she heard that there was a water main break, but then again, she doesn't remember seeing Dad last night, so who knows what actually happened. Anyway, finally got to the hospice, where Dad seemed to not be feeling well. Said he had a hard day...well, what he said was "he died". Considering he was still speaking, I'm going to guess it wasn't that serious, but then again, why is the hospice questioning why he's there if that's how he feels?? I am so freaking confused! He didn't say anything about moving, so I don't think they've even discussed it with him. Nice...again, the lack of respect is astounding.
Home now (there was an offer of BBQ by H-woman, but I was running late, so I came home and let her go to bed), and made/ate dinner quickly. Spinach and cheese ravioli with lemon egg sauce. My usual 'go-to' Friday night dinner, although I am fully expecting an increase at tomorrow's weigh-in. I've still been far too sporadic with my exercise and food. But next week I am committing to boot camp every night (oh, yeah, baby!) and packing breakfast/lunch for the days I am back at work. I will get myself into a routine and I will stick to it.
Okay...need to hydrate and hit the couch.

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