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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Where did the weekend go?

Can't believe it's Sunday night and time to wind down for the work week ahead. Just like that...

Friday: Boot Camp in the sun - we did do some hill work and my quads are still paying for it this morning. Alternated some circuit work with hiding in the shade trying to cool down. Survived, and did my usual swing by Mom's, visit with Dad, drop Mom off, come home and eat. As I didn't want to overheat the house, I just heated up some beef samosas in the toaster oven, and called them dinner. It was too hot to eat too much.

Saturday: slept till I wanted to wake up. Granted, the furbabies did wake me up at 5 for breakfast, but I managed to fall back asleep and stayed there till 8. Normal time, really, but it was without the alarm, which is huge. No one to meet for coffee though, so I walked over to Starbuck's and grabbed my latte and an egg sandwich to go and came home to eat. Puttered around, doing nothing really (work avoidance, as the lawn desperately needed to be cut), which resulted in an accidental 2-hour nap! Felt awesome. After swinging down to get Mom, visit Dad and back, I made a quick potato and egg salad with both regular and sweet potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, celery, mayo and Epicure's Cheese, Chive & Bacon dip as seasoning. Yum. Grilled up a couple of sausages on my grill pan, and that was dinner. As close to a BBQ as I can get without a balcony or yard.

Today: Up and at 'em bright and early for run club. Official first Long Slow of the new training season. I am pacing the 5 hour group, although I do have one person who is 5:45-finish (where I was a mere 6 months, how things have changed!), so our 13km pace today was 8:00/km. We weren't doing too bad, given the diversity of the group, and I think I'm getting the hang of this pacer thing...good thing I have a loud voice, as I was always warning of bikes, impending runners, walk breaks, etc. Good group as I think everyone gets along well. I hope they all last and meet their specific targets. Myself included, of course. Goodlife is only 112 sleeps away (I know...I am a geek!). After the run, there was a brief panic as I couldn't find my car keys! Normally I stuff them into my run pack, but they weren't there, and I was terrified that I was going to have to go out and walk the 13km we just finished running! Crap!! However, the building security was just walking by, and luckily someone had turned them in. I think I left them in the loo, actually. But breathing easier, I went outside, took off my shoes and socks and soaked my feet in the nice, cold wading pool outside Eau Claire. In fact, quite a few of us runners were doing that...felt awesome! We sat and sunned ourselves, chatting (more work avoidance) until the place really started to fill up with kids, before heading for home. I had a quick bite to eat, went and got Mom and did a grocery run with her. She's really starting to pass these little things off on me (you get what you think I'll like), so I'm finding I literally have to drag her around the store, asking what to get. Not liking this at all. Visited Dad, dropped off some stuff for him (Pepsi and ice cream sandwiches), dropped Mom off and unpacked her groceries, chatted with her lawn guy about the weed crop out back and what to do (he's going in!!! Brave man!!!!)...turns out our families have known each other for over 40 years! I didn't know that until today. We grew up on the same street, my older brother would have gone to school with him, our dad's worked together...the list went on. Very small world. Came home, made dinner of burgers I had in the freezer (with Epicure Burger blend) and some baked sweet potato fries. I have a leftover patty and the potato salad set aside for lunch tomorrow. After procrastinating as much as I could, I finally went out after supper and got the grass cut. Had a nice with with H-woman, as she was walking home from work, and then an interesting chat with a pair of Calgary's finest. Turns out one of my tenants called them on Friday to complain about another tenant, and they were just following up with me to see what was wrong with the first tenant. Turns out he was belligerent with the police, slammed doors on them, etc...not sure if I should be scared yet, but I will be keeping an eye on the guy. It was nice of the police to follow up with me though, as they didn't feel right about the situation on Friday. And they were hot! Just sayin...

That was my weekend...exciting stuff. Usual work week ahead, with Thursday off for Canada Day, and back to work on Friday. Can't even book Friday off, as it's day 1 of month end. At least next year, it'll be a 3-day weekend.

That's it for me...hope everyone had a great weekend.

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