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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Where have all the men gone?

Okay, let me admit to something here. I am 47 and single. I have been single for most of my adult life. In fact, I have never been engaged, married nor lived with a man, and it's been roughly 12 years since the last time I was in anything even remotely resembling a relationship. So, I "may" have some issues with 'getting out there' and diving into the dating pool. I've tried the Internet (don't trust it...people lie to my face, why give them a computer to hide behind?), speed-dating (took a YEAR for one guy to call me...seriously, not kidding year, almost to the day...I'm thinking prison myself), wine-tastings, and singles dances. My list of expectations has been whittled down by life over the years, and now I just pretty much look for someone with a personality and teeth. Teeth are important to me. If you are missing some, buy fake ones. They make them look really good these days. And if you already have the fake ones, WEAR them. Just sayin...
I went to a singles dance tonight that was "for my age group". Okay...went with a friend who is a few years younger than I, having just turned 40. We were meeting up with some people that she met at the last dance. We walked into the room, and all I could think was "who the hell are all these old people??" And then I realized I was one of those "old" people!! Is this what late 40's looks like!? I mean, I know I won't (and don't really want to) be dating a 20 year old, but come on!!! That's what I get?! I don't want to date my Dad!
At least dinner was good! It was at the Austrian club, so there were salads (Caesar, pasta, coleslaw, green, tomato and potato) as well as steamed veggies, spaetzle (so not sure on the spelling), roasted baby potatoes, chicken schnitzel and roast beef and gravy. Dessert was cheesecake (classic, and quite tasty) with strawberry sauce and tons of fresh fruit and cheese. I had probably too many drinks (not sure who started buying the shooters and why), and although my friend drove us there, I just came home in a cab. She was staying to party on with her group of friends (all single guys that came in from out of town for this...that makes dating easy) and was wisely leaving her car for the night. Man, it's been a long time since I had to pay $22 for cab ride anywhere...ouch! I am too used to being a downtown girl.
Suffice to say I did not leave with any phone numbers, nor was mine requested. In fact, dances weren't even requested. A weaker person might wonder what was wrong with them, but I just decided that I was far too hot and therefore intimidating. And I stood very tall over most of the men there tonight...I like heels, what can I say? All in all, it was fun, and the group of guys that we sat with were a hoot. Hope they show up during Stampede (they are all farmers) and we can get together again...I just don't think me and my liver can keep up with them!
Okay, it's now 1am and I've just committed to meeting the ladies for coffee at 9am. Must go to bed immediately.


Cowgirl Warrior said...

I get what you're saying, I find my challenge is men my age are after women half my age. I'm not quite into being a cougar. I've tried the online and the speed dating and had similar experiences to you. My theory if it's meant to happen it will happen, of course I need to decide how much I want to throw myself out there as prince charming is not going to ring my doorbell. However I truly think it's an amazing thing to be comfortable with yourself and being alone as so many people are not.

LiLu said...

I think you're absolutely right- men are totally intimidated by a woman taller than them!

Carol said...

Doesn't help that I'm already 5'10"!

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