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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Down is down

Today marked my return to Thursday weigh-ins. Being a longtime Weight Watcher's member, I am slightly (okay, so more than slightly) superstitious, and therefore don't eat before weigh-in. I forgot how long it is between waking up and noon! So I may allow for a latte next week, which will get me some protein and calories long before my lunch.
Was down .4 this week (FINALLY!) which I will take. I was much better about packing breakfast and lunch and walking away from the emotional eating. Running clinic started again on Tuesday and that is going to help A LOT! Settling back into a routine is a good thing...I am a routine girl. Talk today was our report card for the year to date...can not believe almost half of the year is gone already. Anyway, we rated ourselves for journalling, measuring, filling foods, healthy choices, etc. I am proud to say that for the most part I rate myself an A - I just let the emotions get in the way. Tackle that, and I'll be at goal in no time.
Since I didn't have breakfast, I did eat my lunch rather quickly. Good thing it was delish! I made a turkey wrap (whole wheat tortilla, roast turkey, light mayo, chipotle chili powder, some shredded cheese and cilantro) and a salad with lime/evoo dressing over greens, tomato and avocado. My work mate decided she was emotionally eating today though, and suddenly I found a nanaimo square on my desk. Of course, didn't stop myself from eating it! But again, I didn't have breakfast, so had the points. I do eat them with a fork, in little tiny bites, to make it last!! Good thing I had a run planned regardless.
Met up with C. from clinic to do our steady run today. It's the first week of clinic, so we were scheduled to run a 6km (3.73 miles) steady, wanting to aim for a pace of 8:37-8:59 (5:30 to finish pace) for the whole 6km. One thing we didn't count on was how warm it was outside. Granted, not as hot as Florida, but 25C (77F) and bright and sunny is hot, especially for how Calgary's spring has been thus far (snow at the beginning of June!). We did an out and back (my usual tempo route) and we started strong, but C. was way overdressed for the heat and we slowed down a lot. But we finished, with a pace of 8:45, which is right in the middle of what we were aiming for. I'm pleased...just have to learn to adjust for the heat. Since we started and finished at work, I just went back upstairs and grabbed my stuff and then walked home in the sunshine.
After a brief nap on the couch (somehow missed 15 minutes of the news), I made supper. It is too hot to cook, so I thought a pasta salad would be good. I had beef tortellini in the freezer, so thought a taco pasta salad would be good (I bought 4 avocados this week!). While the pasta cooked, I mixed sour cream, salsa, lime juice and Epicure Taco seasoning in a bowl. Added ripped up cilantro, a diced tomato, the rest of today's avocado and some green pepper. Cooled the pasta under cold water and tossed that in with some shredded cheese. Again, not the prettiest meal, but it was good and I am satisfied.
Going to try not to melt, drink some more water and make it to bed at a decent time.

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