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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What a freaking day

ARGH!! Don't you just hate "one of those days"?? I do! Had to drive again this morning...yes, I know full well how spoiled I am by my walk to work, and I miss it so! I truly hate driving in traffic. Which is sad, because I love to drive. I just don't like the faces and multiple f-bombs I drop all over the place simply trying to get to work. Getting there this morning took 30 minutes...oh, and I'm LEAVING downtown, so one would think going against the flow would make it easier...oh, no. I did not get up and go to Boot Camp this morning (or yesterday) and I have no reason other than I just didn't want to go work out at 6 am. I am just not a morning person...there, I said it.
Day 2 of course was good, as it was a little more lively and interaction than yesterday. I was seriously crashing about 3pm yesterday, which is bad since it went till 4:30. But I am all smart now, knowing how to handle people. Kind of ironic since I really don't like a lot of people...I think they are whiners who need to grow a pair and walk it off. Probably why I haven't chosen a career in HR!! Anyway, it took an hour to get to my Mom's yesterday from the Barlow location and I was not impressed by the time I got there. I went because I asked Mom if my brother was picking her up. Conversation went like this:
me - "Is J. taking you over tonight?"
Mom - "Don't know - haven't heard from anyone."
m - "okay, I'm on my way"
once at the house:
M - "Didn't J. want to come with us tonight?"
m - "Don't know, I haven't talked to him. Have you?"
M - "I don't know."
m - "Where is your phone?" Pull up call display, and hit redial when I find my brother's number (about the same time I called, as a matter of fact)
m to J. - "You coming for Mom tonight?"
J. - "Um, yeah - just talked to her...on my way, 5 minutes out".
m - "Guess we're all heading over together".
The good news is I now know that I can fit in the back seat of a mini Cooper should the need ever present itself again! Once home, I did clarify that he was getting Mom tomorrow and I was getting her Friday and tonight (Wednesday). I then made Mom write it down. That is my mantra now with!
Only took 50 minutes to get to my house after course tonight (have I mentioned ARGH?!), and I decided to eat before I headed down, since I am growing weary of eating at 8 or 9 pm. I missed Boot Camp tonight, and I'm also getting crabby about that. I'm looking forward to going tomorrow night and I don't care if it's still raining! However, my cursed day continued as I watched my freshly cooked salmon hit the floor, rather than my plate! 5-second rule!!! Could have cried though. Then it was another 30+ minutes to drive to Mom's. And again, this is past 6:30, there is no hockey/football/sporting event of any kind, so where is all this freaking traffic coming from and why does no one know how to actually drive?!?!?! Serenity now is not even working!!!
Had a nice visit with Dad (although the first 20 minutes were spent listening to him in the bathroom...quality time!) and then dropped Mom off. Stopped into Community Foods to pick up some Greek yogurt (still can't find the vanilla) and some of the Liberte Coconut crack yogurt. However, I made a discovery...there is the coconut yogurt at 17g of fat, or the coconut 'dessert' at only 8g of fat. And less calories, equal fibre. I heart Liberte. Came home and had some as a late night snack.
Was getting gas on the way home, and almost filled my little girl with diesel...they really need to mark those more clearly!! Bad, freaking bad day. Oy!
Back to my regular programming tomorrow, which includes walking and Boot Camp. Same with Friday. And I think I'm going to go for a nice long run on Sunday (at least 10km) to blow some stink off me. My chafing injury is healing, so I should be okay. Will just leave the fishnet at home!
On a side note: I submitted my bhag (big, hairy, audacious goal of qualifying for Boston) to Lululemon, and was told it should be posted next week (OMG!) AND then Garrath, my clinic instructor, asked if I would be a pacer for the next marathon group, for the 5+ to finish (depending on the need of the class). I feel so honoured and he said just the nicest things about me. Blushing now... Oh, and I'm "scheduled" to be his 4-hour pacer in 2.5 years, coincidentally the same year I'm planning on running in Boston! He makes me smile!
Yay Chicago - thanks for spanking Philly after they ruined my bold prediction of a Montreal/Chicago Stanley Cup. And now hockey is finally over...or at least till August when training camps begin! LOL!
Hope everyone has/had a great week,

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