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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Soggy Boot Camp

It wasn't raining that hard on the walk home...heck, couldn't even call it a drizzle. Changed and started my drive to Edworthy for Boot Camp and noticed it appeared to be picking up a bit. the time I got to the park and parked, it was officially a downpour. It was raining so hard, I was drenched by the time I walked from my car to the picnic shelter, where we hole up when it's raining. Wondering if Trainer Josh had cancelled or not, suddenly I wasn't alone. Five more silly souls showed up for class, and along came Josh. But what to do with us diehards - after all it's only rain, and none us will actually melt. Darn it. Anyway, we couldn't run the Douglas Fir or Goat Trail, as they were way too muddy and slippery, aka dangerous. And it was raining even harder now, so running on the paths was also out. So we skipped rope (a lot), did step-ups (even more) and many, many, many, many rounds of Tabata (squats, lunges, curls, rows, etc) until suddenly the hour was gone. The rain eased up a bit, but we are all soaked anyway...this time from sweat. Or at least that was my case...can't speak for everyone else. Still happy I went, as bailing would have been far too easy.
Back at work today, to a rather dull one at that. Working on my most monotonous of reports, which I find I get really bored, really quickly. Still haven't heard from anyone at the Hospice (guessing it wasn't that important then, was it?!) although Dad said now the Dr. wants to talk to me. So JUST FREAKING CALL ME!!!! Seriously, what is wrong with these people?!
After Boot Camp, mom and visit with Dad, I came home and heated up leftovers from last night. Salsa rice (brown rice cooked with diced tomatoes and Epicure Poco Picante salsa mix), tilapia that was coated with spices (bought it that way at the store...tasty), and some pan fried onion and peppers, which I then topped with some cheddar cheese. Baked it all till bubbly and brown. Yummo topped with a scoop of sour cream. Sorry, no pics...I was HUNGRY!
And now I am tired, so I am going to bed.

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