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Monday, June 7, 2010

Fun times

Just returned from a great Epicure party at H-woman's house. She is the best kind of hostess, because she has so much of our stuff, if someone asks, and I didn't bring it, she'll have it! It was tag-team hostessing at it's finest!!
On the menu tonight were: Montreal Steak, Montreal Chicken, beef sliders, zucchini relish, bread & butter pickles, mango chutney, Sweet & Spicy mustard, Honey mustard, Smoky Ranch dip, Tropical Fruit dip, Summer Berry dip, Poco Picante Salsa, Fruit Salsa, Italian dressing roasted vegetables and an outstanding fruit crumble that H. made which had the Crystallized Ginger in it. We are all very full, and yet I couldn't stop eating. Had to leave her house just to slow down the chewing process!! Oh, so good! You know where to find me if you want something.
I do have to wrap it up quickly tonight, as I am getting up at 5, so I can check out the 6am Boot Camp. Seriously, I can't believe I just typed that... Anyway, I'm on course for the next two days, which is up in the northeast, so if I want to camp, I either have to go in the morning (course doesn't start till 8:30) or at 6pm, meaning I miss a visit with Dad. It was supposed to rain all night, and it hasn't started, so hopefully it holds off till at least 7am. I don't mind the rain after work, just don't like it first thing. I know, weird.
That's if for me...not much exciting today, other than the party.

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