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Monday, May 31, 2010

Feeling the run

Yes, I definitely feel like I ran 42.2km yesterday. However, I'm up, I'm moving, walking, up & down stairs, sitting, all feels okay!! There's something to be said about training...who knew?! Hips are a little sore and complaining right now, and my calves keep wanting to cramp up, but I'm just doing some quiet, slow stretches and keeping everything happy.
I didn't have an appetite yesterday, which was odd, so after some baked samosas with Epicure Sweet & Spicy mustard (oh, so good!), I just kind of nibbled. I had no desire to go out for food, and nothing here met my fancy, so I kind of noshed. Don't even remember what I settled on for "supper".
Of course, that means I woke up HUNGRY this morning! I had a glass of chocolate moo to satisfy the beast that is my stomach, and then carted the leftover oatmeal/yogurt concoction to work to eat later - I have such trouble eating first thing in the morning, which is also a challenge on race days. Ate that, but was still hungry at 10:00, so I went downstairs for an egg burrito with salsa. That helped settle the hungry beast down. Got up to walk at lunch (seized sitting at my desk) and while at the bank machine decided to get the Chinese I've been craving. And this way was much safer, as it's a lunch counter instead of a full order of everything I wanted. I settled for noodles, ginger beef (wicked good today), veggies and S&P squid, which was also very fresh and delish.
Came home, noshed on some bread and artichoke spinach dip (apparently the beast is still hungry...) and then did the usual drive to Mom's. I did not go to Boot Camp today, but may try tomorrow. We'll see how the day goes. Finally home again, after a lovely crabby visit with Dad...or snarky as Mom described him...and am just finishing up the touches on dinner/lunch for tomorrow. I had a little meatloaf in the freezer that is now cooked, some baby potatoes that I roasted and some mushrooms to add to the Epicure Gravy, to eat on said meatloaf. Yes, it's late, but that's who I am these days...the girl who doesn't have any kind of schedule for anything!
Going to eat (I'll post pictures tomorrow), stretch and settle down for bed.

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