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Thursday, June 3, 2010

No rest for the wicked

I returned to Boot Camp tonight, all fired up and ready to go. This was after I had fallen asleep on my couch (I hate the 6pm's just that much too late, ya know?) and was a minute late getting there. Pile of mats and weights but no people. It had rained all morning (we can't have Mother Nature blessing us with sunshine two whole days in a row now, can we?!) so the paths were muddy, and I figured I had a 50/50 shot of which way the group went. The BA hill was out (didn't see anyone), so it was either Douglas Fir to the east or the goat trail to the west. I went west. I was wrong... So I went up the goat trail and the stairs (giving someone some encouragement as she was gasping for air and saying "I can't do this"...I said "you ARE doing this and you're going to kick butt!"), ran across the top of the ridge to the crest of the BA hill, and came down said BA hill. No one was back yet, so I ran the 1/2k loop back to the base of the goat trail, and then back into the mats, and finally started to head down to the Douglas Fir, before spying the group on it's way back in.
Back at the mats, we did a ton of shoulder work today. I don't know if Trainer Josh was being nice on the legs because of me, or if he killed them out at Douglas Fir, but it was mainly shoulder and upper body work today. Although there were the obligatory lunges and sumo squats. Many of those. Finished down on the mats for some good solid core work (banana, toe touches, plank) and then wrapped up the class with a good booty burn. Donkey kicks to hold to pulse, pee on the fence to hold to pulse and straight leg kicks to hold to pulse. I love what Trainer Josh calls half these moves! I will feel this tomorrow, that is for sure, but my legs held up great. I thanked him for making me stronger, as it really did help on Sunday too.
Met up with a bunch of the running gang last night, and I am surprised by how well I am doing versus some of the more seasoned runners of the group. One lady can barely move, and I'm thinking...why do I feel so good? And she does boot camp too (just not with me). Wonder what the difference was, because I really couldn't do a good, proper stretch at the race, since the ground was so muddy and wet. You'd think that would be working against me right now, but everything is still running smooth as silk.
I am tired though...I think life is starting to catch up to me, as I really did zonk out on the couch for about 20 minutes. I would have been pissed if I slept through the whole class!! This is my sanity check, after all.
Last day of work tomorrow for the week, and not much planned other than the Underwear Affair with H-woman. Told everyone at the group last night that I was sleeping in on Sunday and going to enjoy every glorious minute of it...if they wanted to run, they could, but I was doing mine Saturday night. Depending on the weather, I will work on the flower beds and cut the grass, and then decide what to plant this year.
That's it for me...boot camp was the bright spot in an otherwise dull day. Hope everyone had a great one.

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