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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Argh! Wrong way!!!

This is really starting to get to me!! The stress of Dad and trying to quiet the hunger beast after the marathon have caught up. Granted, it was only 1 pound, but dammit, I pay Weight Watchers to REMOVE weight, not find it! I need to sit down this weekend and plan out the week...everything from food to exercise to my evening schedule of shuttling Mom back and forth to the Hospice. Although, looking back, I suppose I should...okay, I WILL take some pride in the fact that I have really only gained .6 since Dad first went into the hospital 8 weeks ago...yes, it's been a very long 8 weeks.
Boot Camp last night was a good, old-fashioned body burn. We started up the BA hill, which I managed to get all the way up without stopping, and even beat a couple of ladies up (I'm almost always last!). The cotton poplars have started to explode in Calgary, so there is fluff everywhere these days, and it was rather humid, but I beat my lungs into submission, although I did have to take a hit of Ventolin to do so. After the hill, we run the ridge, although there is one spot that is really rocky that I walk (don't want to turn an ankle) before reaching the top of the park and roadway in. Ran down this gloriously fact, across the ridge I was average 8:00/km and down the hill 5:45! Woo-woo!! Back at base, we started with sprints/side shuffles (3 laps) and then 25 push-ups. Up to the ladder, which we ran through high-knees or quick-steps, and then over the hurdles, either jumping or high knees (which I did most awesomely!!!), and then 25 squat presses (have I mentioned that we did ALL shoulders yesterday and I could barely lift my coffee this morning, let alone my 10lb weights?!). Lastly it was off to the races! We wrap a band around a partner, who then pulls us down the field and return, then switch up. Return to the start. We did two rounds of this before breaking for water, and then returned to the start, switching the side shuffles to lunge walking, the push-ups to full body bike and the squat presses to bicep curls. The 'horse-races' were switched up to side squat walks. OW!!!!! Did as much as we could in 5 minutes.!!!!
After all of that, we did core work to settle down. V-sit (which I am getting really good at...couldn't hold my balance before, without my legs being they are straight and long and I'm sitting pretty...practice makes perfect), long banana (arms, head, shoulders and legs are off the ground, with just the base of your back a banana) to toe touches. Repeat 3 times. Then it was plide sank (no, not a spelling's just what we call them), oblique crunches and then weighted roof-tops (full sit-up, lifting your weight) and then negatives (holding weight, sitting up, then laying down to a count of 12). Poor Trainer Josh...when I left at 6, there were only 2 people for the next class there. That sucks that he's out there for two people. Wonder how many showed up for the 7pm class, since the skies looked threatening. We didn't get any rain though.
Drove to Mom's and headed off to the Hospice. Dad seems to be settling in good, although he says he's had to yell at the cleaning staff and his little helper today already. Oy vay... "Had" to yell at them, did you?! Crabbed out at Mom too, for bringing the wrong batteries...him and his freaking batteries!!! Got that settled down and had a nice visit. Then it was time for me to come home and EAT! Had beef tortellini in a tomato sauce and some sliced cucumber as a side. I really need to figure out a fast, healthy menu for next week, as I'm tired of throwing something together and then paying the price at Saturday weigh-in.
Busy making pickles for Monday's Epicure party at H-woman's. Then I have to start putting together my outfit for tonight's Underwear Affair 10km. It's already rained today (wasn't in the forecast, as far as I recall!), so I hope that's it for the day. It'll be nice to run this in sunshine, instead of the rain/snow/hail of past years. Tomorrow will be spent chilling, I think. I need a chill day!
Highlights from the race to follow.
Have a great Saturday.

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