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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Marathon training, Part Deux

It was a triumphant return to marathon clinic tonight, but first the day. Typical Tuesday, actually. I had some sunburn on my neck and shoulders from yesterday, but not sure if it was from the walk at lunch or boot camp, so this morning I layered on some sunscreen just in case. Of course, that was while listening to the thunder rumbling outside at 6:00am...don't usually have thunderstorms that early in the day. And walked outside with my cute little short-sleeved hoodie into the rain. I turn around and get my raincoat, or do I just keep walking. I kept walking. It stopped by the time I hit the end of the block. I was a very good girl again today and packed both breakfast and lunch. Two days and counting! Yay me!!
Breakfast was Kashi cinnamon squares with UVAB, blueberries and strawberries. Yummo way to start the day. As we are winding down the healthy snacks at work (they don't run them over the summer for some reason), I did take advantage of the free yogurt and light cheese being offered. Those became my afternoon snack. Lunch was the last of the leftover Chinese and brown rice (thank goodness...I was getting bored of it!) which I ate before wandering out for a walk. Happened to pass a Running Room in Kensington, which just happened to have sale signs out front. how on earth did that ultra cute top end up in my hands?! I may not run fast, but darn it, I look good!
Puttered away the afternoon, and then got involved in an awesome focus group for work. Can't say a lot at this time, but damn, I am EXCITED to be working where I work right now. Goosebump excited...just sayin'. Finished work, walked home (in the rain), swinging by Safeway to grab just a couple more things I forgot last night, and came home to whip up a 'tex-mex' salad. Into the bowl went mixed greens, a diced tomato, half an avocado and some yellow pepper. Top that with roast turkey (just bought some at the deli), toasted whole wheat tortilla chunks and cilantro. Mixed it all together, and added my dressing of sour cream, salsa, Epicure Chipotle Chili powder and lime juice. Once tossed, added some shredded cheese. It looked messy, but it was durn tasty! And quite filling...although I realized my bowl was a tad on the large side.
But I needed all the energy I could muster, as it was the first class of marathon clinic tonight, and that means pace race night. After introductions (I am a "group leader" now...oooooo) and general what-to's and where-for's, we head out for the 5km race. We all wore bibs, so that they could track our time, and therefore figure out which pace group we belong in. I am the "5:00-to finish" leader, so we'll see who ends up with me. I flash back to last clinic, and the first run of the class. First off, I had NEVER run 5km without stopping before, or if I had, it was a very long time ago. I made it to the halfway mark, and then had to be run-in with Garrath. Not that it was a bad thing, because I was able to talk to Garrath one-on-one (okay, gasp with Garrath!) as well as testing my abilities at that time. My time was 39:26, and I was just so proud that I managed to run it without stopping. Tonight I ran it, after not doing a steady pace run since clinic ended at the beginning of May, and not really running since the Calgary marathon. I pushed myself but not, didn't want to burn out, but didn't want to hold back either...just let my legs go, and managed to pull off my best 5k time ever...32:11.20!! I even managed to catch up and pass a couple of ladies, which helps my quiet competitive streak! hehe...
After stretching and gabbing with some of the ladies and Garrath, came home to start some laundry. My workout gear walked itself downstairs, so it was time! Just waiting for the last load from the dryer, before going to bed. Must rest up for tomorrow's 8km Tempo run. I'm so happy to be back!

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