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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Back to boot camp

I really have got to get back into my routine...Boot Camp was HARD tonight!! And in the rain, to boot, although that did ease up as the class went on. Running was limited, due to the mud and slippery grass, but we worked our legs with many, many, many, many squats/lunges/jumping jacks and sprints up the trail. Add the shoulder work, core and abs, and I am one tired girl.
Came home and had some dinner...rather uninspired, but it was orzo, Epicure Italian dressing, fresh tomato and parm, Epicure Bread & Butter pickles and some wieners with Epicure Sweet & Spicy mustard. See, I do eat the product too!!
Got a call today from the hospice that they now feel Dad doesn't belong there...seriously?! What was all that before he got there??? It's only been 10 days and now we have to meet again (oh, I'm have a "job" that keeps you from dropping everything and jumping to our every whim and command?!?!) and discuss where to move him this time. GRRRRRR!!! So, two more days vacation booked for next week, at which (hopefully) I can finally get everything settled and organized so that Dad is happy, Mom is happy, lawyers are happy, financial people are happy, the Alberta medical community is happy and what does that leave?? Oh, me...but that's right, I don't count. I can't wait till I actually use a vacation day and take a vacation...intriguing...what is this "vacation" you speak of?!
You have no idea of how badly I want a package of chocolate Timtams right now! Almost swung by a store on the way home, but I'm busy trying to convince myself that water is exactly as good! It's not really working, BTW.
Okay...I'm heading for bed. Someone wake me when all this is over, will ya?

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