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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal.
Lululemon is promoting June as BHAG month. Every day they're going to post someones bhag. That inspired me to send in mine...I WILL run Boston before I am 50 (and not have to buy my way in like a certain 70's TV star!!!). That's 2 years and 8 months for me to push out a sub-4 marathon. I did have a 12% improvement over Vancouver last year, so WHEN I continue with the same level of improvement in Toronto in the fall and complete a sub-5, I've got all next year to improve that last hour.
Me with my game face on!

Last night was the Underwear Affair with H-woman, and the weather held out for us this year. In fact, it was a lovely evening for a crazy 10km run in your underwear! Although the costumes just weren't as good as in years past...oh, there was the team of very hot young men running in their briefs and bowties, and nothing else (thank you, God), and the usual band of Super heroes, angels, tutus (the camouflage tutus worn by team At your Cervix were awesome), and some blue/purple people that we think were the Avatars...haven't seen the movie so don't really know. I once again reprised Madame Chemo, although I did suffer through some serious chafing issues this year...never run in fishnet! Ever!!! Unless you are one of the lucky ones who's inner thighs have never met each other...mine, sadly, are conjoined!!!! I'll put some tea tree oil on it later, and try to keep it covered up. Ouch...

Checking in online this year made the whole thing so much faster, although it appears that the organizing staff listened to feedback last year, as the whole event seemed much better planned and laid out. Spectators had a place to sit and wait for runners, it wasn't the chaos of checking in here, paying your money there, getting your shirt at the third spot, etc of last year. We arrived, we ran, we cried, we collected our shirts, we left.
H-woman's man S. was waiting for us outside (guess we ran right past him) and the four of us headed off to Salt & Pepper for a late dinner. I haven't eaten there in years, and H. and her mom started talking about the fish tacos and I was sold! Sadly, the service left a little to be desired...they are Mexican and I don't think anything happens quickly down there, so I guess we had to be patient. I sipped a Corona (which is odd, since I only drink Guinness and my rule is "if you can see through it, it's not beer") and munched on some nachos with the group. Finally our dinners arrived (after the waiter dumped a glass of water on H.'s mom...) and the fish tacos were worth the wait. Still, we didn't get home till about 11, so it was a long evening.
Woke up without the alarm this morning (GLORIOUS!), and am going to putter around here after my coffee and breakfast of Kashi squares, banana, strawberries and UVAB, before heading down to Mom's.
My nephew and his girlfriend are heading down as well, so we can all go visit Dad together. And they're going to clean Mom's place for her, which is a nice thing to do for your if I could just get them to swing by here!!! LOL!
Enjoy your Sundays, where ever you are.

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Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

What an awesome goal!!!!

My marathon training starts TOMORROW - I am nervous!

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