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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Running in the heat

There have been many posts about running in the heat...check out Caitlin's post on warm weather running. She knows these things...she's from Florida!
Our guest speaker for clinic tonight couldn't make it, so Garrath discussed warm weather running, as it was yet another hot day out there, and we were scheduled to run a tempo. We discussed hats, sunglasses, water, what to do when we started feeling poorly, how to recognize if someone was struggling with the heat, etc. Then we got up, went out and ran.
Our route today was cross the river, follow the path west till 10th Street, cross Memorial and go up the hill. Yes, UP THE HILL! It was still 25C out there, and this particular hill sits and bakes in the sun all day. Rather than just run 1km to warm up, we took it slow right to the top of this hill (just over 2km) before pulling up the pace to tempo, for the ridge across the top. It's a beautiful run - panoramic views of the river, downtown Calgary, mountains to the west, etc, capped by gorgeous old homes on the other side of the street. Oh, to win the lottery! Anyway, our goal for this stretch (again, about 2km) was to maintain tempo pace of 7:07, but with the heat and the hill, we were all lucky to hit 7:30. But that's okay...I didn't want anyone hurting themselves or getting sick. The wind really picked up on the ridge, and was blowing right into us...that really added some serious resistance! And we got sand-blasted coming down Centre St, but I'll just think of it as nature exfoliating us. No more wrinkles for me!! We finished up (must remember to enter more than the projected distance in my Garmin, as it was done at 6km, although I'm guessing we did closer to 6.5 or 7) and got back in to stretch. Everyone seemed okay (I am such a mother hen) and then it was time to come home, change out of very, very wet running clothes!
I ate at the market before the clinic (a 6" roast chicken sub on whole wheat with cheese, mustard, pickles, lettuce, tomato and hot pickled peppers), and 1 c 1% chocolate milk. I left the other cup for after the run (oh, so good!). And lots and lots and lots of water!! I think I sweat out a good 2 or 3 pounds on the run.
I'm going to weigh in tomorrow, since my Thursday meeting will be closed due the holiday. Just found out today that if we wanted to, we can take Friday off as well, despite it being the first business day of the month. Turns out the powers that be decided to make Monday "day 1", so we can also enjoy a long weekend. However, I have most of my vacation time booked up with runs and conferences, so I'll work it. It'll be like a morgue around there on Friday and that usually means getting a ton of work done!
Okay...I need to take my contacts out, wash all the sunscreen off my arms and face and start to wind down for the night.
Hope everyone had a great Tuesday.

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