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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sweet Tempo run

Got up and headed into the office at normal time. As I was crossing through the park, I noticed a rather young homeless couple sitting on the bench, deep in conversation. It went something like this:
Him - this sucks.
Her - this doesn't suck.
Him - yes, it does.
Her - but we're livin' the dream!
Seriously?? I can't speak for everyone else out there, but I did not dream about sleeping on park benches and wondering where my next meal may come from when I was growing up. Just sayin'.
Work was...plowed through stuff, which means I may be rather bored on Friday when I go in. Yes, I realize most of Canada is enjoying a 4-day weekend right now, but I will be back in the office at 7am on Friday. But I am looking forward to a nice lay in tomorrow and for the office to be rather tomb like on Friday. Bliss.
I went to Weight Watchers today, as of course I switch to Thursdays in time for a stat! OMG! Okay...maybe I'm over thinking this, BUT...let's say I run a company in the downtown core of a large city. And I provide a service, but will be closed on a Thursday. However, as an office in the downtown core of a large city, I am listening to the rumours that most of the employees in said downtown core will be taking Friday off as well. So, what does that mean for my business?? Perhaps I "may" be a tad busier than normal on Wednesday. Perhaps...perhaps then I should staff with more than THREE PEOPLE!!!! THREE!!!! And one was the group leader!!!!!!! There were a good 30 of us in line to weigh in when I got there, and one person weighing. Oh, and if you're short-staffed, don't go on and on and on and on about the special coupon promotion, because then everyone gets to stand in yet another line, to wait on that ONE person to process your order. AND when I tell you that I've used coupons since day 1, and I don't really need the "here's the rules for using the coupons" speech, DON'T GIVE IT TO ME ANYWAY... I really was just trying to get the hell out of there! I did remove another 1.4lbs this week, which feels awesome, as I have been struggling of late. I appear to be heading in the desired direction again.
Because the meeting (good thing I was only popping in to weigh-in - haha!) took almost my whole lunch hour, I stopped at a new Japanese place in the new building across from work, and ordered a Sashimi Bento box. Too bad it was late, because I got the choice of salmon or salmon! Good thing I like salmon. It also came with a small salmon roll, salad and tempura. Not bad, although I was still most hungry after inhaling it. I still can't make myself eat before weigh-in, so did skip breakfast this morning.
Managed to hold off till I came home, when I inhaled some whole wheat tortillas with artichoke and red pepper dip. I wanted fast and easy! Made it to run club tonight, where we were doing another 10km Tempo run. Good news is it was a tad cooler this evening, with a lovely breezze blowing the whole night. No heat stroke for me tonight! Goal was warm-up for 3km, tempo pace of 7:07 for 4km and cool down for the last 3. Coolio! My group was a little smaller than usual, but there were still 4 eager beavers ready to run. One is a 5:45 finish, so she lagged back but still managed to have a good run (checked up on her when she was done). Because our routes tend to be "-ish", I set my Garmin for 12km and we took off. However, I can't appear to do math in my head, as we ran warm-up for 4km! Oops...however, we totally rocked the Tempo pace!!! Everyone hit the 7:07 and maintained for the full 3km, before we slowed it back down. Well done team!!!
Went for our usual beers after the run, and somehow I managed to slurp down 3 pints of glorious Guinness. Huh??? Must have been a tad parched!!! Now I am sitting here, typing very poorly (thank goodness for spell check!) and feeling oh so mellow. I'm in my jammies, and ready to hit the couch.
Happy Canada Day!

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