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Thursday, June 17, 2010

I heart Epicure...sometimes...

Furbabies say "hello everyone"...
As some of you know, I am a consultant with Epicure Selections, a Canadian company that sells high quality spices, dip blends, other food stuff and kitchenware. And H-woman had a party last week, that arrived earlier this week. I had loaded it from my Mom's to my car, but hadn't quite got it home yet. I was just too cold, tired and wet last night to care, but knew I had to get the job done tonight.
Walking home, I realized that my ankle did not like last night's jump rope fun, so decided to give it the night off and not go to Boot Camp. Of course, this was while it was STILL raining, so the decision was that much easier to make. However, I still got a good workout, trust me!! The order is in these three boxes, which were in my car, parked behind my building. Have I mentioned that I live on the 3rd floor? Of a building that does NOT have an elevator?? Top level??? Down side of me selling this stuff.
Check out the weight of this one! The other two came in at 29 lbs and 9 lbs, for a total of 116 lbs! I did say I worked out tonight!! Makes me wonder why I didn't choose something light like candles or scrapbooking to sell. Darn my love of all things food!

The only other bad part of selling delicious spices and dips in glass jars! Lots and lots and lots and lots of paper and boxes. This came out of the three above...

As did this...

And this! Okay, not the cat, but she was there to supervise!

I use my bed, as it's the biggest surface I have to spread everything out. Everything gets a little "Carol Whyte" label on it, so that everyone knows who (and how) to order more from. Then it gets sorted into the appropriate order baggy.

Not everyone does the labels and ribbons but I think they look much nicer all done up.
H-woman's own private bag and score for being Hostess!

Now all I have to do is all this back down to the car, after leaving probably 20 lbs of it here, in the form of catalogues, order forms and my own orders...yet another downside. Spend my commission as fast as I earn it! LOL!!!
Before heading over to H-woman's, I did wolf down some dinner. Found this soup at London Drugs, as I just didn't have anything planned and was hungry. Not bad, but needed salt. Sad really, since one of it's selling features is the fact that it's low sodium!!
I sprinkled some freshly grated Parmesan on top, which helped a lot. That's something my family always did, growing up. Parm cheese on homemade soup, which my Dad always made. And he made wicked good soup! Mom was in charge of ham-bone/split pea, which was also most awesome, even after I ended up with an entire pot on my leg and had to spend 4 days in the hospital. Still have a teeny little scar, am shy around large pots of hot liquids being moved around but still love the soup! But that's another posting for another day!
Had a nice visit with H., and am now back home, having a wicked sneezing attack. Maybe I'm allergic to rain?! Must go tear down those small boxes and paper, so that I can go to bed! Work beckons. But the good news is it's Friday!!!
Hope the rain stops and everyone has an awesome weekend.

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