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Sunday, June 20, 2010

M-eh Weekend

It's been a so-so weekend. I think the stress of my parents is catching up with me. I haven't done a lot, but I haven't been a hermit either.

Friday: Work was normal, nothing too exciting happening at all. Then I came home, changed and headed off to Boot Camp in the "sort of" sunshine. At least it wasn't raining anymore! We did a run to warm-up and then a nice circuit that involved everything from squats to shoulder work to abs and core. I left feeling nicely worked over. Pick up Mom, visited Dad, drop off Mom, came home and stood looking in my fridge for food (it's past 8pm by this point). I did polish off some more TimTams (why I bought them, I'll never know!) before deciding on the meal that everyone in blogger land goes on and on about. Sweet potato and baked beans. And my thoughts?? M-eh. Now, I love sweet potatoes, and while I don't love them, I do like baked beans. But together? M-eh is all I could muster. I did roast my potato first, so that it could get a little browned and caramelized, but the combo just seemed dry and blah when I was eating it.
Stayed up way too late (past 1am), as I got sucked in to International Househunters (just had to see which house some random dude from the States bought...was it the old winehouse in the French countryside, the newer home at the edge of a small village, or the 6-bedroom townhome in the heart of the small French town...OMG...I was on the edge of my seat (wasn't really, but it still didn't stop me from shutting off the TV!). Oh, and it was the townhome, in case you were wondering.
Saturday: Got up bright and early and headed down to Weight Watchers. While on the drive, I asked myself why am I still getting up at the crack of stupid on a Saturday and driving to a meeting that is oh, so far away from my house, by myself. No one to go with, or even meet up for coffee, as we have all suddenly developed very busy lives. So on the way there I decided I was switching back to Thursdays at noon downtown. Still with my beloved Faye, and much more convenient. And this way, if I want to volunteer for a race, or go away for a weekend or what have you, I can guilt free. Oh, and I can start eating out and drinking on a Friday night! Woo-hoo! Weigh-in went exactly as I predicted, gaining another 1.8 this week. So, just so everyone knows, chocolate biscuits, fast food and eating at random hours of the day do not make for a healthy weight loss journey!! In case you were wondering... Came home, sulked, ate the rest of the damn TimTams (there, solved one problem!), had a nap and then lunch (scrambled eggs with Epicure 3-Onion stirred in and a little cheese, toast and jam), and then went and collected Mom.
Got to the Hospice and while visiting with Dad, mentioned my recent weeks of weight gain, and how disappointed I was with how I was dealing with life's stresses. Completely missing the mark, my Dad commented "yeah, your gut is getting pretty big again". Deep breath in, count to 10, resist urge to tie oxygen tubing into good solid knot, and comment back through gritted teeth "I'm working on it". We then went on to discuss how he and my mom just can't seem to gain weight, despite eating all the chocolate, cookies, cakes, ice cream and other crap they want. Yeah, heart is breaking for you both!!! Luckily his dinner was delivered and we left, before I said something that would haunt me later. I'm still sitting here shaking my head in wonderment. Dropped off Mom (who did ask, very sarcastically "what stress are you under, dear?!") before deciding I was having Chinese for supper. Maybe a last meal of sorts for me...I don't know. I wanted it, so I stopped at John Wong's on the way home and walked out with way too much food for one person! Good thing I love leftover Chinese. I brought home Ginger Chicken, Shanghai noodles (yes, the fat worm ones!), Salt & Pepper Squid, Palace Shrimp (in a spicy plum sauce), mixed veggies and free dumplings. Ate till I was full, and then packed it all away in the fridge. Hit the sack after the news at 11 (wow...feel so bad for everyone in the southern prairies...I will not complain about our rain again.) as I knew I was getting up for run club in the morning.
Today: Alarm went off at 7:30, got up and ate a couple of slices of rye toast with PB & Jam, leftover latte from yesterday and a big glass of milk. We were running a 10k LSD today, so I skipped the OJ/water combo until we get into the bigger runs. Packed up, put on a pair of shorts and a tee (OMG, what is that bright ball of fire in the sky?!) and drove down to Eau Claire. Met up with a group from the last marathon clinic, and we headed out. None of us were scheduled for a run today, as class doesn't start till Tuesday, but it was nice to see how many just showed up anyway. We went east this morning, as the Prostate Cancer run was just setting up, and we wanted to be sure we wouldn't get in the way of the other runners/walkers. It was a beautiful morning for a run, and it was good practice for me, as I will be pacing this clinic. I have got to learn to watch my pace and put my arm up when we're walking/running. After our run, we stretched and then went into Eau Claire for some breakfast and gabbing. This is really why we run! I had a chocolate milk, egg wrap (eggs, cheese, green peppers and bacon) and the freshest fruit salad ever. Came home, puttered around, although I couldn't get motivated to do much of anything. I did fall asleep on the couch (after having some leftovers) before getting up to go get Mom and visit Dad. I see one my brothers was there nice of him to go get Mom for me...oh, sorry...was that out loud?! Anyway, we had our visit, listened to him and Mom spat over nothing (53 years married, people) and then dropped Mom off. Came home, heated up all the veggies and chicken (I ate the dumplings and noodles earlier) and had a little plate of that. Now I'm cooking up some brown rice, so I can pack up some lunches/fast dinners for the week.'s 8:48pm and I'm heading to bed. After all, with this as my motivator, how can I resist?? Except an alarm has gone off in one of the neighbouring buildings (it is LOUD), so I figure the fire trucks will come blaring up any minute, making falling asleep difficult at best. But again, how can I resist these cuddlers?!

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