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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hanging by a thread...

I have been feeling very yanked about's appointments, hair appointments, Epicure parties (okay, so I make money doing those, but still), work, exercise, running, the building...seriously, I feel like I am about to shatter into a tra-zillion little pieces and poof, I will be no more.

So, I made a decision, good or bad, to give myself permission to take the month of December off from boot camp and running. If I feel like going for a run, I will...but I won't make myself run on a schedule. As for boot camp, I've already let Trainer Josh know and I WILL BE BACK IN JANUARY. There is no questioning that...I just can't seem to get my schedule back to being my schedule. And really, I think I liked BC better when it was Monday and Friday...this Tuesday/Thursday and occasional Friday is throwing me for a loop!

I do understand the direct correlation between exercise and mood enhancement, and by no means will this be a free for all for me. I just need to sit for a minute... Again, if I'm in the mood, I'll take my gear to work and run at lunch again. Haven't done that in forever, and the extra dose of vitamin D will actually be good for me. I miss thee.

Work got crazy this week, with me actually staying till 8:30 last night. I haven't had to pull a late night in like 2 years!!!! Not sure what was up with that, but I didn't like it!!! Okay, so the 3-hour "must attend because the VP asked me to" meeting in the middle of the day didn't help things, but still. But crisis averted, month end done, and now we begin our usual reporting and such for the rest of the month. Return to normalcy. I like things lined up like'll notice it's a trend.

Weight Watchers, despite Friday's Christmas party and no exercise for two weeks and drinking (a lot) was the same as last week, which I am perfectly good with. Next week starts the new plan, which I'm not 100% sold on yet. I think it's just another excuse for a money grab, but then again WW never said they were a non-profit organization. I just need to get my brain on board with this whole weight loss thing so that I can finally start going for free! What makes this transition worse is my beloved leader is leaving for Hawaii on Sunday, so we have another leader (whom I despise because she is a condescending old bat) that will introduce us to the new plan. It's going to be hell...we've already been warned to come early, as they're not confident that the "transition will go smoothly"...great. Maybe I should just book the morning off work!

Okay...I have 3 boxes full of Epicure product to unpack, sort and deliver. Sadly, they won't pack themselves up. Oh, to be Sabrina and just wiggle my nose and be done with it. Reality bites...


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