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Monday, December 13, 2010


That's what I'm calling dinner. The piece of pork tenderloin that I rubbed with McEwan's Southwestern Rub that I bought in October. That 'marinated' all night long, so this morning, I chopped up the pork, threw it in my wee slow cooker with a tin of diced tomatoes, mushrooms slices and Epicure dried green peppers and Guacamole dip mix. When I got home, I tested for seasoning (added salt) and then some diced up celery and zucchini, and Epicure toasted onion, as well as a half a cup of the quick cooking barley (7 grams of protein and 8 grams of fibre per serving!) and a bit more water. Let it all work it's magic while I did some running around, and now I have tasty bowl of glop! It may not look pretty, but it was delish. And since the only point items were the pork and the, 6 pt dinner!

Tomorrow is our Christmas potluck, so lunch will be hit or miss. I went the easy route with meatballs and bbq sauce, which I can cook in the slow-cooker. Easy, since we don't have a stove in our kitchen. I've got to weigh-in on Wednesday, as we're having a group lunch on Thursday. It's tough this time of year to get into any routine, and add to that a new WW program. I'm still trying to get used to the idea that I have to check every point value for everything, and remembering to have the little calculator thing everywhere I am. But we will make this work. I may even sign up for etools, even though I hate being charged for weekly meetings and then being charged even more for a monthly access fee for the etools. As a paying member in good standing, the online privilege should be free!

The infection in my ear appears to be getting better, but I can still tell that I'm nearing bedtime, as it starts to ache horribly by this time of night. Time to medicate up and get ready for bed.


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