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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Left, right, repeat

That is what I did tonight, for the first time in forever! And it felt AWESOME! Clear night, not too cold (-9C) and the paths are dry. C. (from marathon clinic) and I ran together, as this is basically a first night out for us both. Slow, but I am still recovering from the ear thing, and C. was testing how her knee/IT would behave. But we did 3.14km in 28 minutes. I'll take it. Can't wait to head out Sunday and see how that feels. I think the hardest part is really not having a goal race right now, but with me wanting to join Martin for #250, I think that might be the motivation to get out there that I need. And speaking of motivation, he just passed the 10,000km mark, during run #237! Can you believe that?! Go check out his blog...and better yet, go online to support Right to Play. Martin is still about $100K short of his target, but if I know is hiding behind some door somewhere.

Weigh-in today did not go well. Maybe it was the potluck yesterday, maybe it was because I am still trying to wrap my head around the new program...whatever. I sat there and felt like a big loser (not in the usual way) as I am certain I was the only one who gained this week. That and I refused to act like a two-year-old on a sugar high just because fruit is free. We get it! We can eat bananas again...oh, wait...I've been eating them all along!!! Argh! I just need my Faye back to guide me through this and help me purge all the past WW stuff, so I have room for the new WW stuff. My brain is very full, you know!!!

After meeting, I grabbed what I hope to be my usual "after meeting lunch" of crab salad w/corn, mango salad with cucumber, some tomatoes, peppers, cucumber and feta, and a really nice apple cinnamon salad of some kind. Sadly, when I returned from lunch, there were FOUR sweet squares on my desk. There was a baby shower at lunch, so my pod-mate thought it would be nice to save me some of the treats. And then she saved one of each kind. I know I don't have to eat them...but the nanaimo square didn't last very long! Forty-nine flex points for a reason, right?! Add further insult to of the guys that I've been dropping stuff for to do a report up for him finally succumbed to my "I'll do this, but I'd just like to point out that I really like Starbucks" routine. Sadly, I said Starbucks, he heard Buttercream! It's currently residing in my fridge...who knows how long it will last. Another reason why I went for a run tonight!

Met up with the running group past and present for a pre-Christmas drink after the run, and had a nice visit with folks I haven't seen in a while. Even Garrath made a visit, and gave me a present! Blush...okay, it was a box of Gu! But it's the thought that counts!!! He asked if I was going to pace for the new guy in January, to which I said I would if he asked. So Garrath was going to go tell him to contact me. Guess I did a good job! As long as I get to work on my pacing, that's fine. I have just over 2 years to break 4 hours! While everyone else enjoyed beers, I did stick to I don't want to mess with the antibiotics. While the buzzing is now a dull hiss, I can also tell it's getting later in the day, as my ear starts to ache after 12 or so hours up. I would really like this to go away.

Dinner was a salmon clubhouse, and was very good. On a whole grain chiabatta (eh?? Not too bad for a pub!) went bacon, a spicy chipotle aioli, big slice of tomato, lettuce and the nicest cooked piece of salmon. Okay, there was bacon too... But the salmon was cooked perfectly, which is so hard from some pubs as they insist on overcooking the crap out of it. Nice to know there was someone in the kitchen that knew what they were doing. Now, I "may" have enjoyed some sweet potato fries along side said sandwich, but we'll never know, as there was no evidence of such remaining on the plate!

Home now, and just catching up on posts before I hit the sack. I've been sleeping really well...just need to make it to bed earlier than I have to really get the most out of it.


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