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Sunday, December 19, 2010


I think maybe the weather is changing, as I have quite the headache today. Woke up with it and despite coffee and food, it's still hanging on. Okay, so Advil would be a good thing too...just haven't got there yet.

Breakfast started as coffee in my new Hawaii mug, courtesy of H-woman! I feel just like Jaime, as I begin to build my Starbucks collection. I'm only up to 3, but I can build on that!

Flashback to up and met up with H-woman, and we both headed to the south end of town to sit in on Leader Faye's Saturday morning Weight Watcher's meeting. I didn't think she was back from Hawaii (walked the marathon with her hubs) yet, but she flew back on the same flight as H-woman, as fate would have it! I needed that meeting. I admit I am struggling/fighting against the new program, so needed to hear all about it from the leader I trust the most. After the meeting, we sat through the getting started session too, and then H. and I went back to her place (me, with Starbucks in hand) and read through the material, discussed at length and browsed through the newest PointsPlus cookbook. I'm feeling a little better about this, although I still feel this is Core program (which did not work well for me!) whether we like it or not.

Got home and signed up for the two-week etools trial, although I think it should be even cheaper for existing weekly members than the $18/month it is. We'll see how this works for me. So far, I have tracked everything up to date, and entered a few recipes. Not the fastest system, but hoping it does it's job and truly helps me with this. On the way home from H's, I stopped at the grocery store and picked up a few (okay, a lot) of healthy food options to get me through the week. Lots of vegetables and some fruit...I'm still not going crazy over that. I ate it before, I'll continue to eat it now, free or not. Dinner last night was the last of my pork stew that I made earlier in the week. I added a dollop of low-fat sour cream, salsa and a sprinkling of cheese. And one of my snacks was the juiciest Asian pear I've ever had. Didn't like it cold out of the fridge though, so next time I'll let it sit for a bit.

Breakfast was a whole grain chiabatta that I toasted, with a little PB and a banana. Simple, and something I have enjoyed long before Elvis deep-fried it in butter! Glass of milk and another coffee, and I was set for the morning.

Caught up on some TV that I had recorded, one being X-weighted Families. Turns out this week's episode was the family of a guy that I work with, and whom I've noticed the weight loss. Awesome guy and I'm so happy that this appears to be working for him...and it looks like he's still losing weight, long after the trainers and cameras are gone. Good for him!

Started to get a little growly, so I opened up the new cookbook and decided on a brunch item of Eggs and Polenta with Black Beans. Pretty simple, actually. Bake off some slices of pre-rolled polenta (you can buy it in the pasta section of most grocery stores). The recipe did say to spray with non-stick canned spray, but since I don't like eating propane or butane, I just used my little clay baker instead. Did just as good a job. You bake it till it starts to get a little golden. Meanwhile, in a pan, mix black beans, salsa and some chili powder till hot and bubbling. Pour over polenta and sprinkle with some shredded cheese. Fry up an egg (in my non-stick pan, so no butter or oil) and place on top. Mine was dippy perfection! And the recipe was really good. Granted, I don't eat fat-free cheese (shudder) so I'll take another point or two for the real stuff, but the whole thing is 7 points! And I've eaten to my satisfaction level.

I do need to go outside and clean up the sidewalks...I'm feeling guilty listening to all the snow-blowers out there, but then again, it's only about an inch worth of snow. I'm not in a hurry. I think I'll let the headache ease first (yes, I have since taken painkillers). And plan out goal this week is to cook something from the cookbook each night, so that the leftovers are lunch the next day. No group lunches or potlucks to worry about this week, so I should be good to go.

I may post dinner pics later. Have a happy Sunday.


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