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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lilting to the right...

Everywhere I go, I appear to be tilting. The ear infection is wrecking havoc with my balance, and when I turn, it takes the rest of the world a minute or two to catch up! BUT the pressure is easing, and I am hopeful the 'biotics kick in fully tomorrow and the annoying buzz in my ear is gone tomorrow. It is exhausting to hear that noise!!

Needless to say, I have done squat all week. I sat on the couch when I got home yesterday and woke up 2 hours later! Oops!! Food has been hit or miss, as I find my appetite just isn't there, and I have no desire (or ability) to stand and cook something healthy.

On the good news front though, I did lose a bit at weigh-in today. What a gong-show that was!! For anyone out there who hasn't made it to a WW meeting yet this week, GO EARLY!!! Three lines, people...three of them! The first line (snacked through the room) was to collect your new weigh-in book. The 2nd line (just as long) was for those who then had to pay, or wanted to purchase the new tracker calculator (because the old ones won't work anymore) or the new 2 pt bars...yes, the panic and dismay echoed through the room...the 1 pt bars were now 2 pt bars. The horror. Lastly, there was one more line to actually weigh-in, which went slowly as the ladies at the scale kept having to send people back to the fist line! Oy... I also didn't like that they "updated" the book, using the data from my last weigh-in book...which is #16 or 17, so they had that I joined this June and that I only had 19 lbs to lose. WTF?!?!? I wanted it changed, but the leader (my Faye is in Hawaii - good luck to her and hubs on the marathon) said "it didn't matter". Matters to me, so I changed it! I don't want to be screwed out of the 35 pounds I've worked so freaking hard to lose.

So what do I think about the new plan, other than it's yet another money grab for WW? I do understand that WW is a for profit organization, and that they are in it to make money. I just grow weary of having to buy everything all over, because they've "tweaked" it again. I do have to read the books in you can well imagine, the meeting started a little late today...and I am happy that fruit is zero points, but am I delirious with joy? Fruit did not cause me to walk into WW, and quite frankly, many times I probably didn't record it correctly, because it's freaking fruit for goodness sakes! My daily points has jumped significantly, which scares me, but then again, so did the points values of so much of what I eat, so I guess it works out in the end. Again, I have to read up, play with it and see how it works. I'll let you know how it goes.

Okay...I've been sitting upright for too long now, and must go lay down again. Sad that I get so dizzy sitting in a chair! Hoping to shake this thing this weekend. I'd like my life back!


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