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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Childhood memories...

Instead of baking with mom, trimming the tree, or exchanging family folklore, I thought I'd relive a raging ear infection! Even the Doctor said "euwwww" when she looked in my ear! She then had to go confer with the other doctors to find out what dose of meds to give me, since she so "rarely sees an adult with this". Well, I do like to be different!! Needless to say I feel like, correct that...the stuff that crap just stepped in!!!

Okay...I've medicated up and am going to try to go to sleep. Sadly it's the same ear as the side I sleep on, and that's how I discovered there was a problem this morning. I woke up in such pain I checked the pillow for blood. So I just need the precious Advil to kick in (and the antibiotics, but I know those take longer) and then I can settle down and try to get some sleep.


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Anonymous said...

Personal medical history? - TMI!