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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Okay...there are times I regret my "put your head down and just do your work till it's done" attitude. Because I was so freaking efficient last week, I am sitting here today with literally NOTHING TO DO! I am waiting on other departments, like dominoes, to put their respective heads down and to do their jobs. I have very high expectations, apparently. Now my boss did say I could go home, but as some sort of weird freak, I prefer to be at work...WORKING. Grrrr...

Had the rest of the borscht and a small cabbage roll, ham that literally equaled two bites and some green salad. Am I weird in the fact that I eat romaine lettuce the same way others eat carrots or celery? Straight out of the bowl (I was "girly" and used a fork today), no dressing, oil or nothun. It's fabulous that way, but my coworkers tend to send me those sideways "does she know there's no gobs of Ranch on that" looks. Breakfast was some more of the pumpkin oatmeal, which was very good the next day. Of course, I did punch it up a bit with Epicure Maple popcorn seasoning. Yes, POPCORN seasoning. Basically it's maple sugar, so just enough sweetness to cut the bland butternut squash.

I am happy that I registered for Boot Camp last night, as there are no more excuses. I did not like the puffiness of the face that stared back at me this morning while getting ready for work. And not puffy due to lack of sleep...rather, lack of control!

Although, if I keep eating mandarins like I am, I'm likely to dispel all of my Christmas choices the good old-fashioned way!! But they're sooooo good!

All right...I'm off to actually hover over people's desks to see if they've managed to do their job yet, so that I may continue forward with mine. Or I may just go home! It's currently snowing and blowing here in Calgary. After our Christmas Chinook and temps of +5C, today's -15C is a bit of a shock to the system. Not sure if I'll make it out to running clinic tonight...or if anyone is for that matter, as quite a few were traveling to other locations to see family.


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