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Sunday, December 5, 2010


After years of getting the always cute family photo cards from friends for Christmas, I thought it would be fun to send out one of my children.

After "setting" the stage, convincing the kids that the ringy collars won't hurt them,
(George doesn't believe me...kill it, kill it now!)
trying to get them to lay still long enough for me to take said photos (many, many action shots taken!), snapping fingers and making goofy sounds to get them to look at the camera, I ended up with these three. The bleeding with stop soon, I am told.
I logged onto Walmart's Photo Centre site and chose the cutest card EVER "Meow-y Christmas" and started to set the photos (yes, it held all three) and my caption and off I merrily went to order 50 (@.32 cents each - deal!) only to discover that I was on the AMERICAN site and they won't ship outside of the continental United States. ARGH!!!! Oh, here I come.
The Canadian version of the photo shop SUCKS...just saying. They had about an eighth of the selection that they did in the states...they only had one version of the flat cards (4" x 8") and they cost .97 cents each! WTF?! Isn't the Canadian dollar doing really well right now??? Doesn't that make for an exchange rate of 300%?? I had to settle for the one shot of the two together, because any that took all three shots cropped the photos and cropped them stupid! Cut George out of the group shot, showed more of the blanket than Coco in hers...double ARGH!!! But I persisted (after trying to find Black's Photography website to no avail) and finally ordered some cards (only used the group photo) that I hope to pick up later this week.
Still have the cold, and despite pumping in vitamin C, oranges, OJ, getting loads of sleep and some fresh air, still feel a bit draggy. Throat hurts, ears hurt, sinuses are totally jammed shut. I've forgotten how much I love being sick! But, true to advertising, this will not slow me down. I have to get over to B's to feed the kitties (she's home tonight), drop off my auction item and wine for the pool at work, and I feel the need for some new work clothes, so I'm going to brave a mall (but a small one!) later. Then home to put together lasagna. I'll blog that process later.
Have a good one...


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Hahahaha cute! Yay for fur-children!

We ordered our cards through Shutterfly. They were pretty cheap - $25 for 50 I think? They just haven't come in yet, so I'm getting worried! Hope they get here soon!

Carol said...

Well, the plus for Walmart is they are already done and ready for me to pick up! So, they are fast...just not a lot of selection. I think mine ended up costing about $35 in all.