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Friday, December 3, 2010


I have a cold...wondering when it was going to catch me and I know have my answer...4:37am this morning! I rolled over, coughed, swallowed and thought...ah,'s not quite "swallowing razor blades" pain, but I know I have glands and they are currently not amused! I went to work, but really didn't seem to get a lot done. Really felt trapped in a fog. I did walk down to the Bay at lunch to get some blush (I only use MAC and I was scraping the sides of my container!), a quick stop at the bank and trying to find some wine for our pool at work. That sounded funny...let me 'splain! For fundraising, we do a wine pool every year. You put together a team of 6, throw in a bottle of wine and a couple of bucks each, and then everyone's name goes in the hat. For a week, a certain number of names are pulled and eliminated, until you have the final three names. Those teams win wine. Last year, the winning team each took home 12 bottles! It is a lot of fun, as we also have prizes for best team name, first team eliminated, etc. And it raises a few hundred bucks for our chosen charity, which this year is a family in need that we have adopted.
Came home, and had a quick, if unintentional, nap on the couch. Then I had one of the Epicure party orders to unpack, sort and deliver. Got that done, as well as popped in on B's kitties while she is away this weekend. Home, successfully avoiding any drive-through (it was 8:30 by now) although I don't know if my KD was any healthier. But since lunch was a bowl of soup and was oh, so long ago, I don't feel too guilty for my pot of glorious, bright-orange, cheezy goodness!
While I was packing up the Epicure, my buzzer buzzed, with the UPS guy making a delivery. I had no idea what it was until I got it upstairs and opened it up. It was my photo and plaque from the Toronto Goodlife Marathon!!! It makes me smile just looking at it. Sorry...couldn't get the picture to come out quite right. Either too dark or too light...

Okay...time to medicate and head to bed. I need to grab some OJ tomorrow, as well as the fixings for a veggie lasagna I'm tossing about in my head. Had one from Sunterra the other day and thought "I can do better" let's see, shall we?


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