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Sunday, November 28, 2010

I got caught!

Elf Carol, showing up with bells on...literally!

Actually turned out to be a nice year this year...last year the temps were in the -30's, so everyone seemed happy to run in the snow and -6. It did snow overnight...that really fine snow, but it appears to have stopped, so I'll go out and clean up the walks later.

The race itself was a blast...the "elves" were given a 2-minute head start, and we were all picked because we run different paces. For example, former clinic leader Garrath was there, and said he ran the 8km loop before he was caught, while I "pulled a hamstring" and was out of tickets before the 1st km!! Hehehe... I hung out and course marshaled for a while, and then our leader came by with more tickets, so we handed out loads. Won a half pound of Starbuck's coffee (odd prize for me!) which I may have to brew up later...while it wasn't cold for running, it was cold for standing around! Felt is not that warm!!!

Started some laundry, and am going to tackle the great pile of dishes in my kitchen...I think for Christmas, Santa Claus is bringing me a new dishwasher. That sounds like a plan.

That's if for me...waiting on someone to come and look at my empty suite, but he had so many conditions on the phone yesterday, I am not holding my breath that I'll hear from him. I may also brave the walk and go get some chili or spag sauce makings...seems like a good thing to have, comfort food wise.


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