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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Almost a full week

I've been following the new PointsPlus plan online for almost a week now, diligently entering my data, and wondering at the math formulas in the recipe builders. How 15 + 2 + 1 could equal 22, for example?! Or how a simple bowl of pasta becomes 11 points in total - I actually weighed out the pasta, so make sure I had it right. And yet we're not supposed to shy away from certain foods! Still some bumps, I guess. But I am trying.

Breakfast was milk, multigrain cheerios and a banana. Lunch was last night's leftovers, which were okay. As I decided last night, the next time I make the Brussels sprouts, I'm skipping the chestnuts and using pine nuts instead. The chestnuts just did not like day 2. I also decided I put too much spinach in the barley, and next time will stir in the roasted asparagus at the last minute, so it doesn't get all soggy. The salmon was nice the next day, but hard to reheat without "cooking" it more. There is nothing nastier than overcooked fish!

Dinner was something simple and from my own recipe book in my head. While some whole wheat penne boiled, I fried shallots and garlic in evoo and added a cup of grape tomatoes, halved, and some brocolini. Lastly I threw in a handful of thawed shrimp and fresh basil. Once the penne was cooked, that also went in the pot, and it was topped with some shredded parm to eat. Nom, nom, nom!!!
Leftovers are already packed away, waiting to be eaten tomorrow at lunch time. I am planning on heading to run club tomorrow, which will feel good. Last run before Christmas. Then I need to sit down, chose some exercise goals, register for a race (or two!) and get my priorities back on track!
That's it, that's all for me.

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