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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The buzzing continues

Antibiotics since Tuesday night, and yet, there's still this constant buzzing in my ear. Granted, I'm standing a little more straight, and the pain isn't nearly as bad. In fact, just realized that I have missed my midday "hit" of Advil, and I appear to be fine. Just hopeful that the buzz ends soon.

Went to the Epicure launch yesterday. Lots of good, interesting stuff arriving January 1st, but that also means we lose some stuff too. If you are a fan, be sure to contact your dealer...ahem...consultant, and stock up. I then went to Tango Bistro for lunch. Very good...the Parmesan Frites with Aioli was worth the driving alone!! I'm still tasting the garlic! Yummo!! I got there early, so nibbled while I waited for my friend to arrive. She's also a consultant for Epicure, but due to personality conflicts doesn't attend the meetings. So she and I went through the catalogue and made our notes and comments.

Sadly, despite a lovely looking wine list, I opted for plain coffee with lunch. Darn buzzing in my ear! I did partake in my absolute favourite salad...ever...tomotoes and boccocini, with a balsamic reduction. They had both small and regular sizes of the cheese and tomatoes, and rested it all on a bed of peppery arugula. My only complaint is that they had the tomatoes in the freaking fridge!! How to completely ruin the taste of a they not read?! I followed that with the Gnocchi and Pancenta. It was just all right...the gnocchi was a little on the mushy side, which took away from the dish. But on the other side, it was a small serving, so I didn't feel totally stuffed to the gills. That left room for dessert, which was served as a sampler. Key Lime "Pie" with grilled pineapple. It was heaven in a shooter glass! After a great visit, I headed for home, dropped off another Epicure order and then promptly crashed for a few hours. Spent the evening trying to decide what to eat, and watching TV. Exciting stuff, I know.

Today had me up, doing some tidying, hauling some trash, shovelling the sidewalks (okay, so it snowed on Friday...I'm sick!) and showing the empty suite to someone who could not only not speak English but didn't understand it so well either. It'll be interesting to see if she ever calls back. And now, as I have some pork tenderloin in my fridge, I'm going to see what I should make for supper tonight. And have a good read through the new WW plan. Not exactly living it yet, but I am enjoying the case of mandarins I bought, guilt free! I'm also "watching" seven of my friends run the Honolulu Marathon. Two have crossed, and two more have made it to the 40km mark. The finish line is in sight. Unfortunately the weather appears to be on the toasty side...the temp is only 77F but it feels like 90! That is not good running weather. Laying on a beach, sipping Chi Chi's, yes...running, no!


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