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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Hangover

Oh, my aching belly...yet I can't seem to stop!
First "decorating" at home...

Enjoyed the last day (and Thursday...forgot to eat it) of the Advent Calendar. Mmmmm...Lindt Chocolate rocks.

After waking up, hanging with my kitties, baking some cookies for my mom (kitchen disaster ensued), I went and got Mom and we all headed south of the city to Okotoks, where my older brother held reign over the kitchen. He seriously missed his calling!

The dining room table...hum...where are we supposed to eat?!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Christmas Palm tree...I am SO getting one of these for next year!!!

Presents piled carefully under the tree. You'll note the lack of toys. That will be solved next year, as my nephew and his fiancee announced their happy news.
Some of the critters that reside here...Nirmac and Jackass. I hear the latter was named after my brother! They are very cute and apparently quite amorous with each other...we're on egg watch!

Tried to get a picture of the other 4-legged family member, Bandit, but she was camera shy. That, and there were so many people and so much food, she just didn't know where to go first! She is a beautiful Siberian Husky and very well behaved. Just doesn't like her picture taken!
This is the turkey platter, with a side story. I hand painted this 10 years ago. My SIL loves to do cross-stitch, as do I (haven't in years) and my mom. So I found a pattern I had, and I "stitched" it onto the clay before it was finished. Did it at Fire Escape, an establishment very close to my house (well, they did move last year) that I spent countless hours and pay cheques at!! When I saw the platter, I remembered all the time and effort that went into it. My hand ached for DAYS as I literally put each individual x on with a little squirt bottle.
My SIL taking a picture of me, taking a picture of her!
Started with a pickle and cheese platter while we waited on dinner. Pickled snap-peas (freaking amazing!), herring (love, love, love!!!), dills, hot olives, cheddar cheese cubes, Boursin with garlic and herbs, crackers. Most yum-a-lishiss!
Finally dinner is served...turkey, maple-infused ham, smashed potatoes, turnip and carrots, Brussels sprouts (steamed...told them to roast next time for a real taste treat), roasted sweet potato slices, corn, stuffing (plain and giblet), "doctored" brown beans (my family adds sliced salami, hot pepperoni, brown sugar, etc to a can of brown beans to take them to the next level...OMG).
We pulled crackers (new to my family, but my SIL and her daughter have done it for years), and wearing our hats, sat down to clean the table!
My plate looked very similar to my neice's. She's here from the south Pacific - she lives in Indonesia, Australia and most recently New Zealand, as she bops from place to place. She is a surfing fanatic, so will be heading "home" soon, to get back to the waves. Had to fill up on home-cooked goodness first!

With full bellies, we sat around and exchanged gifts, shared fond memories and laughed till we cried. That's the one thing about my family...we may be small, we may not have a lot of traditions, but we do know how to laugh. A good, hearty, from the belly laugh! That was my exercise yesterday.
Since part of my gift included home-made "peanut" brittle (I say "peanut" because some pieces are pistachio, some are cashew and some are macadamia nut), I MUST go for a good, long walk today. And since it's a beautiful Chinook winter day, I will head down to the river for a spell. Enjoy it while we've got it. I am not one of those insane Canadians that go Boxing Day shopping...there is nothing I want that badly!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas.

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