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Sunday, December 19, 2010

PointsPlus cookbook

All right...second and third recipes of the day from the book...
I made the Thai Ginger Chicken Burgers (pg 165), with the Thai Curry-Coconut rice (pg 236) and a simple coleslaw that I "Asianed" up with fennel, black sesame seeds and ginger-miso dressing. The burger, with bun, was 9 pts while the rice was 3. My slaw is another thing though...I typed it all into the recipe builder, with only the dressing counting as 1 point. However, the total points for the salad...3. WTF?! I didn't multiply the was as I listed...I just don't know how 1 became 3 at the end. And this is the second recipe that this has happened, where the math doesn't add up. At least not in my favour!
But the burger was really good, and quite easy to make. The rice was also good, but I'll add a bit of water to it tomorrow before I reheat, to moisten it up a bit. Found it a tad dry. The slaw was also good, but for lunch tomorrow I'll switch to a baggie of grape tomatoes. They were on sale, so I bought 3 boxes!
Tomorrow night will be salmon and asparagus, Brussels sprouts and spinach. The trouble with most cookbooks is that they feed 4 or more, so I'll always be cutting the recipe in half and leaving myself with lunch for the next day. That will be a good thing.
Can't believe it's Sunday night already and it's time to return to the office. It'll start being quiet though, as most people begin to take time off for the holidays starting this week. I'll be working through, but that's fine too. It's so quiet and peaceful with everyone away, I can actually get work done!

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Michelle said...

We're having this tonight. Loved reading about it.