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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday snackin'

When Dad was in the Hospice room, with his own private mini-fridge, I bought him a Liberte Mediterrancee Coconut Crack yogurt to try. He really enjoyed it, but was only about half way through the tub when he got moved to the dungeon he is in now, with no fridge. Mom didn't really like it (what?!) so the balance of the tub came home with me. Where it has sat in my fridge, calling me softly since Thursday...I finally cracked!!! I did mix a little into my yogurt/oatmeal mixture yesterday, but tonight I'm eating it straight and LOVING IT! Nom, nom, nom...

Have spent the long weekend thus far running around - showing suites, dealing with tenants who want to move, but wait, now don't, oops sorry. That's fine, because either way, I have a one bedroom to get rid of, regardless of which one it is. Nice girl came and looked at it yesterday, but didn't want it, while another gentleman came looked tonight. He'll be back tomorrow with the deposit. That was easy. Then I popped into a medical supply place to price out what we need for Dad at home, including a bed rental. Dad thinks he can just sleep on the couch, but I'm vetoing that idea right now. Had a nice visit this afternoon (the key is to go at "nap time"...the place is very quiet...) before dropping Mom off. I did take her out for fish & chips last night, for the fastest dinner ever. We were sat down, ordered, served, full and paid within 20 minutes! I long for the day when I have Mom's wee little appetite. One piece of fish, 8 french fries and a mouthful of slaw and she was stuffed for the evening (we shared a 3-piece). I came home and had a bagel with Laughing Cow cheese and Superfruit Asia for "dessert". Sigh...

Today's long run was 23km, for many in the clinic the longest they have ever run. The first rain storm hit about 2am (the joys of living on the top floor of a flat roofed building), and I thought we were in for a crappy run. But by morning it had slowed to a drizzle that eventually fizzled out, and was a lovely, cool morning for a run. The humidity snuck up again, but I just keep telling myself that it is just getting me ready for Toronto in October. We ran a really good route today too, heading west to Edworthy Park, with the path through the Douglas Fir, up into Wildwood and down Edworthy road, through the park, across the river and then east all the way to the Zoo turn-off, around the Zoo to St. George's bridge, through Inglewood, past Fort Calgary and through the East Village back to Eau Claire. When the city finally gets all the East Village pathway/roadway work done, that's going to be a very nice run indeed. Right now it's a massive construction zone!! We ended up running the 23km in just over 3 hours (burned 1688 calories in the process), averaging a nice 8:18/km overall, including walk breaks. Our ultimate goal is 8:00/km, but then again that may be just my goal, as I appear to be the only one really running for a 5-hr finish at the moment. We'll see what happens.

After a quick lunch of an egg wrap and chocolate milk (recovery fluid), and a foot soak in the pool (very cold today and no kids to speak of!), I headed over to North Glenmore Park to see if I could find my friend M. who was competing in the Ironman 70.3 today (1.2 mile swim, 58 mile bike ride and 13.1 mile run). I was hoping to get there before he crossed the finish line, but as usual he beat me! His swim (newbies) started at 7am, and he thinks he finished at about the 6:15 mark (results weren't posted yet), which would have him cross the line just after 1. I don't think I got there till 1:30. But I did finally find him, and as usual, he was as energetic as he would be if he had just crawled out of bed (he was up at 3am, and off to the start line at 4:15!!). He really is the energizer bunny on crack!!! After a quick hello and congrats, cheering for some of the later runners to cross and spying a couple of peeps from running club, I headed off to Mom's for today visit with Dad.

Came home, and resisted sleeping on the couch, for fear of sleeping through the apartment showing, but now my head is pounding and I think it's time to lay down for the night. No big plans for tomorrow, other than sleep till I wake up (no alarm!), get the deposit for the apartment, boot camp and visit Dad. Then it's back to work as usual. At least it'll be a short week.

Enjoy your Monday,


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