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Monday, August 2, 2010

Heritage Day

That's what we are 'celebrating' in Alberta this long weekend. All I know is I slept in (no alarm), puttered around my house all day, watered the plants (before the monsoons hit!) and had another killer boot camp workout.

Was waiting for someone to bring by their deposit for the empty suite today...hope he didn't think I meant 2am, but guess we'll find out when I don't answer the buzzer! If he doesn't call, or show, then I guess it means he doesn't want the suite. But, oh so happy I wasted an afternoon waiting for him! Why haven't the lottery gods come through for me yet?! I am growing weary of all of this and want a place that is all my own, sharing nothin' with no-one!! Dare to dream...

After risking life and limb to water my plants...I swear I heard the 'skeeters scream "fresh blood!"...I came back inside and had a light snack of crackers, lite cream cheese and Crofter's Superfruit Asian. Wasn't much, but I did have a bowl of cheerios earlier, as well as some fish & chips picked up at the store. Changed and headed off to boot camp, thinking the skies didn't look all that friendly tonight.

Trainer Josh kicked our butts, yet again. Seems like every session, I'm saying we got our butts kicked harder and harder. Not quite sure how he's doing that, but he did joke that he's pulling out everything he's got these days! He did bounce it back to us though, saying if we didn't push ourselves so hard, it wouldn't be so hard. Crap...hate it when people do that! We were just wrapping up the hour with good old negatives when the rain sort of started. Couple of drops, then a couple more, and by the time I was on my way to Mom's, it was starting to come down not bad. Hit the one major road and it was a total rain-out...I honestly couldn't see past the hood of my car!! Worried about hydroplaning (the road was a river), I was debating pulling over till it passed, when lo and behold, I drove under a bridge and on the other side it was dry! Calgary is like can sit on one side of the road and watch it rain on the other side. The skies did open up later though, when Mom & I were visiting Dad. Lots of lightening and thunder, and apparently rain. When I dropped Mom off, the flood plains at the bottom of her street were under at least 4 feet of water. Normally they are soccer fields, but all you could see was the top foot or so of the goal posts. Kind of freaky. Good thing Mom & Dad live at the top of the hill, and not the bottom.

Dad had a tumble at the facility today (they called to give me the head's up), which makes me immediately wonder if coming home really is such a brilliant idea. Asked him what happened, and he said he ran out of oxygen on the way back from lunch (the dining room is down the hall aways from Dad's room), and while he made it back to his room, he turned too quickly in the washroom to close the door and fell. Cut his arm and bruised himself up pretty good. A little more concerned about the oxygen though, as his sats were at 55 - it's supposed to be between 88 and 92. I do at least know that he won't have that problem at home. He will be hooked up to a regular generator, not just a tank that have a tendency to run out at the most inopportune times. Meeting with the Nurses Next Door people at Mom's tomorrow after work, so we'll have a better idea of what they offer and how they can help Mom and Dad.

Home to a dinner of cereal and peaches. I've been trying to get all my dishes cleaned up - I use a lot of dishes and HATE hand washing them, but my old-girl dishwasher is on her last legs. Trying to find a new/used one, but nothing on Kijiji right now. Pricing out some new ones, but don't really have $600 to drop right now. If I can stay on top of the dishes, then I can hold out till after Toronto. IF I can stay ahead...have I mentioned that I also only have one sink, so washing a butt-load of dishes is very tedious, between filling and draining the sink so that I can still rinse the dishes. Made it about 3/4's of the way through tonight, but that's why it became cereal for supper. Way too late to cook something! Besides, I just cleaned those pots and didn't want to make them dirty again!!!

Must go to again tomorrow. Short week, but it'll be a full one.


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