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Monday, August 30, 2010


That's how many hours Dad lasted at home this time. At least it stretched into days. The doctor scared the crap out of me though, as she suggested "we come right down, as we can try to find him a room but it doesn't look like he'll make it to that point!". O.M.G.!!!!!

Ran out of work at 10:30, got my car, grabbed Mom (who didn't remember why we were suddenly going to the hospital) and met up with younger brother in the emergency department. They had moved Dad to the CT room, as they wanted to do a scan to make sure he didn't hit his head (he was found on the ground...again). All clear for concussion, and by the time he came out of the CT, he was coming out of whatever funk he was in. He could pretty much answer all the questions asked, but did mess up on the month. Of course, it was all of +5C again this morning, so we can forgive him for thinking it was December!!

He had pneumonia and the MRSA infection is back again. So, once again checking into Chez Rockyview for them to clean out all the germs and get him up an healthy again. However, and he was warned about this from me, we will not be playing the "let's keep Dad at home to make him happy" game. I don't care how good he feels, I don't care how much it costs, how difficult it is, etc. He will be going into a nursing home this time. End of story.

I got home in the afternoon, and after assuring everyone at work that all was well, I puttered around before heading off to a killer boot camp. Trainer Josh obviously missed us over his 5-day long weekend, as he had some extra special treats for us today. It started with the Douglas Fir loop to warm quads were screaming, between Friday's hill work and yesterday's 32km. So imagine how happy I was when we started doing squats (70+), lunge walking (over and over and over again), swing squats, step ups and leg drivers. Throw in sprints in between, and I thought I was going to do a face plant as my legs lost all feeling!! We also did shoulder presses, curls, extensions, kick-backs, rows, push-ups, dips and lat raises. I am feeling the burn everywhere right now!! End the class with some good old ab work, and I came home a good and tired little girl.

Totally cheated with dinner, as Mom insisted I take some of the Meals on Wheels lunches home with me - can't seem to convince her that she's supposed to eat BOTH lunch and dinner every day, but I'm fighting a losing battle! Good news is Meals on Wheels will drop the delivery to every other day, which should help her from thinking there's too much food in the fridge.

Last I spoke with the hospital, Dad was still waiting in emerg for a bed/room. They will have to put him in his own room because of the MRSA, so it could be quite a wait. I think Mondays are a busy day, as we passed a hallway filled with stretchers and old people waiting. Maybe they were young when they got there...

That's it for me today....


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